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  1. heyy im using simple light hydrating moisturizer too. my condition is like yours but milder. the moisturizer is perfect for my skin! i use tea tree cream cus BP is too harsh for me.. just keep in mind , the lesser stuffs you use on your face the better.
  2. im currently using 1:1 ACV on my face, morning and night. Basically what I do is i just apply them like any other toner, wait for ten mins or so, then apply moisturizer. ACV dries your skin out, so better put on some moisturizer. It controlled my big breakouts and reduced redness, but very gradually though. However, my skin is better than before i started using ACV...it actually controls ph balance of your skin, to suppess the growth of acne bacteria.. And use organic, ACV by Bragg , it's less
  3. Congrats! May i know what is your daily regime like? What cleanser/toner/moisturizer do you use apart from aloe vera, if any? And do you use sunscreen? Thanks in advance!
  4. have you tried using aloe vera? it'll speed up the healing process..mine did, but im not sure about yours..maybe you can give it a try..best to use pure aloe vera, you can see better results.. this really takes time though, be patient..if it's not successful, go see a derm, they can help..good luck!
  5. most of the time i will squeeze my pimples.. i do it on a cleansed face ..i use pimple extracter and squeeze them gently with clean tissue..after that i will apply tea tree/aloe vera gel..
  6. my derm recommended me a blackhead concentrate that disinfects and clears away blackheads and unclog pores. for me, it really worked, i use everyday and after a month or so im 80% cleared of b/head on my forehead, cheeks, and hairline. but somehow i dont know why, it didnt really work on my nose..iit works for me but im not sure about you..its worth trying tho ;)
  7. Just to share my experience with you too .I used that clinique three step and they didnt do me any good. They irritated my skin. I know it's not good because they have really strong fragrance, rightaway, I told myself, that this is bad for my skin. Good luck seeing your derm!
  8. i tried oxy..it irritated my skin..i only used for like two days and then i stopped completely..
  9. hi, did you just steam your face or did you use pore strips or do any extraction?
  10. it's good that u are taking care of your diet..maybe you should try switching your topical products, perhaps they aren't sutiable for your case. i tried on ten different products before i settle for what im using now. i also finally gave in, and went to see a derm. that helped me a lot too.. just to share with you some of my experiences, my derm told me that i have uber sensitive acne skin. i was advised to change my pillow case at least once in every 3 or 4 days to avoid bacteria contact. i was
  11. hola..you said you used cold cream..may i know what cold cream did you use?
  12. my derm always tell me that extraction is needed for blackheads. steam your face once or twice a week to open up pores, do some mild exfoliation, ..it eases your extraction..i also use a blackhead concentrate that disinfects the b/heads that my derm prescribed to get rid of them. It really really worked, my b/heads reduced significantly after a month, even my derm said so. ask ur derm for a special medication for blackheads.
  13. im currently in my first week of 50/50 ACV. it's pretty good, im having less, smaller breakouts compared to big ones i used to have..i do see gradual improvement, keeps major breakouts at bay, but it doesnt reduce the redness around my cheek area tho -.- ..it kinda dries out skin ..i use Simple light Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin..and then dab on tea tree pimple cream on affected areas.im gonna continue ACV and see how it goes.. Sorry, Ive never tried witch hazel tho, if ACV doesnt work, maybe
  14. i am using eucerin dermo-purifier, kinda helps with my oily skin, ..a friend of mine who was also an acne sufferer says dermalogica is good too..u might also want to consider simple ..it's less irritating and gentle..be sure to pick the right one for ur skin tho..