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  1. i need to add an result to this log. although i report now, i actually stopped the zinc, vitamin a, d, multivitamins mentioned above on May 25th. so i took zinc+a+d around 50 days and here is the results. dose: each day: 200mg zinc from zinc gluconate, 4000~8000IU vitamin d, 10,000~30,000IU vitamin a, multivitamin. result: 1. no significant decrease of oil production, still get occasional acne, though in such a high dose of supplements. 2. i took a blood test after i stopped zinc+a+
  2. my nose is the same, occasionally getting pimples, sometimes large one which takes several weeks to heal. i really suspect it's rosacea cause normal acne rarely happens on nose.
  3. i see some people's acne are in certain area, not the whole face. for me, my right cheek is definitely more acne-prone than left cheek, and more easily forming cystic acne than left cheek, and taking more time to heal. any idea or scientific theory about that?
  4. will the whiteheads on your nose turn to inflammatory pimples or they just stay there just like what they were?
  5. yes, most people's nose are the most oily place but why few people have acne on nose?
  6. i see many people with acne have clear and smooth nose. acne just doesn't appear on their nose. however, i often get pimples on nose, some of which not small at all. why?
  7. i am still in my complicated supplement regimen. but i cant help thinking that what if blackheads and overactive sebum production are all GENETIC?? than if it's genetic will the supplement and topical gel still work?
  8. i stopped b5 after i added zinc and vitamin a&d. and surprisingly after i took zinc and vitamin a and vitamin d for two days, oil production on my face reduced significantly . i cant determine its the effect of the zinc and vitamin a&d which were just taken for two days or the vitamin b5 which although i stopped was technically still in my body. anyway since the effect was good, i continued the zinc and vitamin a&d. and after one week from then i quitted vitamin a to see whether oil
  9. didnt know evening primrose oil can be effective to blackheads. it might be worth a try.
  10. i decrease b5 dose to 10g/d. now i am oil-free for half a day, starting to get oily after lunch, oily before i wash my face before sleep. also as of today i add some other supplements. i take zinc gluconate 50mg*2, vitamin d 2000IU*2, vitamin A 10,000IU*1, wyeth vitamin A-Z pill*1 which has 4000IU vitamin A and 15mg zinc and other vitamins and minerals in it. so totally 115mg zinc and 14,000IU vitamin a.
  11. 24, disappointed to this world and myself. acne, oily skin, pores, blackheads, i've suffered these stuff for several years, it ruined my life and confidence. during the worst time i thought about suicide. now i am way better than that, but still suffering from oily skin and blackheads and occasional cystic. really disappointed to life of illness and suffering. really dont want my child to suffer these crap like me again. decide to not have a child at all.
  12. did you notice smaller pores when you used BHA only? and based on what did you choose bha LIQUID? becuase i have used bha GEL for one and half years and havent tried other forms yet.
  13. i guess BHA is more effective than AHA on blackheads since it can penetrate deeper and dissolve old cells and sebum in pores. but BHA barely improve blackheads on my nose, i wonder is it necessary to try AHA or its just a waste of time?
  14. so you dont have sabaceous filaments on your nose now? how did them disappear?