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  1. Is it just like, chapping that extends beyond your lipline? I had a good bit of that if I slacked off when it came to using my chap stick. Blistex was never moisturizing enough; I used (and still continue to 1.5 years later) Aquaphor ointment. You can get it at pretty much any supermarket/drugstore by the hand creams. Chopsaver (that you can get online) is really good too.
  2. When you say semi-permanant...are you talking about the kind you buy at the drug store, and mix two different things first that usually stinks to high heaven? Or are you talking about vegetable dye (like Manic Panic/Special Effects-stuff you'd buy at say Hot Topic)? If it's the former, Sally Beauty sells a product called ColorFix that works miracles. If it's the latter, I'd suggest a salon. Red/pink veggie dyes that that can pretty much only be dyed over.
  3. Since my acne's been coming back fairly steadily since my first course (5 months at 80mg/day) ended back in May 2010 and all the topicals/antibiotics + spiro I've taken since haven't worked, my derm and I have discussed doing another round and I have my bloodwork order for the initial pregnancy test. My question is this---when I took my first course, I went to my ob/gyn (who has since stopped practicing) to have her sign off on my birth control counseling paperwork, which is what was entered int
  4. Even with an IUD, you have to specify a second form of birth control Going off BCPs was actually the reason I went to a dermatologist to start the process for getting Accutane (I knew I'd have to try a couple of other things first, even though I'd already been on multiple oral/topical antibiotics and retiniods). I let the BCPs get out of my system and THEN went on the Accutane...after 5 years, my body just thought hormones were evil. So while I did break out from going off the pills, I pretty
  5. It's taken my back acne forever to clear up too...I still even have a few bumps there and I'm sooo close to being done with my course. I was under the impression that body acne is more stubborn than facial acne, which might explain it.
  6. Orgasm is WAY overrated, but Nars makes some killer blushes. Oasis looks awesome on me at least, so do Sin and Outlaw (applied with a super-light hand).
  7. When I was in high school, I attempted to dye my eyebrows to match my hair-which was neon pink. Did. Not. Look. Right. Nowadays, I just use mascara on my eyebrows applied with an angled brush. Cheap, easy, fast.
  8. MAYBE I'm being paranoid, but has anyone had worsening of TMJ/jaw popping, or know how to relieve it? My jaw popped before due to braces as a kid, but never ALL the time. Now every time I open my mouth, it pops. Since starting Accutane (I'm going into month 5) I have had issues with other joints (ankles, elbows, lower back mainly) so I'd assume it could have an effect on the jaw joint as well, but holy hell it's annoying.
  9. What helped me most was just cutting WAY back on shampoo, which Accutane makes incredibly easy. I just rinse the previous day's conditioner out of my hair in the shower and recondition. I usually only wash it one day a week (Monday usually). Otherwise not only is my scalp dry as all hell, my hair is super floofy (and NOT in a good way, in a bad-80's-music-video kind of way.)
  10. 80 mg/day, going into month 5 Facewash: Purpose Moisturizer: CeraVe cream with a drop of jojoba oil mixed in Body Lotion I generally use CeraVe too (the cream, not the lotion) unless I want something really light, in which case I use Complex 15. Lips: Chopsaver during the day, at night in addition to the Chopsaver I add a layer of Aquaphor. Mmmm happy lips.
  11. Cetaphil, as was mentioned, is pretty popular...I love me some CeraVe personally, and I think I can thank it that I'm not getting the itchy flaky skin on my face at all (now if only I could remember to moisturize everything else...)
  12. If you're talking about dark circles, Accutane can definitely exacerbate the problem as it "thins" the skin.
  13. Almost through with month 5 and I exfoliate almost daily using Aveeno daily scrub, in the shower after the steam's been going a few minutes. GENTLY. No ill effects as of yet, but I wouldn't do it if my face was looking moody. I just make sure it's moisturized REALLLY well right after and the rest of the time.
  14. I don't know about "fluffier," but it's definitely drier (as can be expected). Oddly enough though, and this might be all in my head, the hair ITSELF seems thinner-as in, the radius of each strand seems smaller. And with the exception of my bangs (which are long) the rest of my hair is about 2 inches, just long enough that most of that hair has grown since I started Accutane. Good conditioner (I use Joico K-Pak and Feria) helps some.