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  1. QUOTE( @ Oct 27 2004, 12:55 AM)Mr. Wiggles, you have entered the zealot zone. This is a BP fansite. You are wearing a catchers mit in the proverbial circle jerk that is acne.org. I like BP by the way. I'm sure I'll develop some pretty large tumors when I'm fifty or whatever, but I plan on hurling myself screaming off of a building no later then thirtyfour. ← Well I can see I am no longer welcome here. Dans mob is becoming restless. You guys bring the nails, Ill bring my cross. I never
  2. Dan, Thanks for scannning that. It shows that you care about your customers. It also shows that you take great pride and care creating your BP, I hope you dont think I was attacking you. You may want to post that scanned paper with your BP gel info on your website so other potential customers know your product is what you claim it is. And for those who dont know, I use BP, but not in the extreme doses you guys do. I only use to spot treat occasional pimples.