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  1. i stopped applying tazorac and moisturizer to my zits and somehow i have a clear face!!!
  2. I dont want to be this person ..buutttttt.. ITS WHATS INSIDE THAT COUNTS! Beauty comes from within! ohman, i hated saying that! I started getting acne AFTER high school. I didnt go to college, so I didnt experience that..but I still dated with acne. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 yrs and thru the worst of my acne. I cry about imy acne all the time and he ALWAYS tells me he doesnt see it. He sees me, not my zits. I know he sees them... but he makes a point. Just because we
  3. o god, of course there is a gorgeous girl with perfect skin. i hate those! lol but he loves YOU! well, yea you cant drink or be in the sun on accutane...AND WHO WANTS THAT ON VACATION! lol also, accutane did make me very sad and annoyed very easily, hence the reason i stopped taking it. I know i def wouldnt have gone on vaca while on accutane, i was too sad. I agree with your boyfriend (sorry!). But you should enjoy your vacation and have fun and get down to business when you get back.
  4. i used to use tazorac also. Its probably one of the strongest topicals there is. It makes your skin very fragile and dry. I also noticed that i got scars on almost every zit i attacked with tazorac like it made it a permanant pimple. DO NOT use tazorac while on accutane, it could make the already dry skin burn (i know from experience) and scar much much worse. I would sit and talk with your boyfriend about WHY he wants you to wait. Thats my best advice. Take his feelings into consideration and
  5. thats what we are ALL here for. quick and easy relief from acne.
  6. do you think he wants you to wait so there isnt anything extra in the way on vacation... if you catch my drift cough:EXTRA BC:cough
  7. Try sauteing zucchini in olive oil, season with oregano, sea salt, and garlic powder. Actually really good. I've also been eating a lot of chicken with sea salt, lemon pepper, and a cayenne pepper. As for carb subsitutes, I have no idea. grilling zuccini is amazingly delicious also! you should try it! also, the juice fast... what kind of juice were you drinking?
  8. i thought toothpaste was good, to dry out my skin... i didnt think it would do this! my poor face
  9. Of course, with my luck.... i broke out due to some VERY stressful times that I and my family are going thru. Ive continued with my usual AM and PM treatments and nothing was helping. So, i decided to go old fashioned and throw some toothpaste on my cheek/chin area that was massively broke out. Toothpaste.. harmless? Right?? NOTTT!!!! The toothpaste ended up BURNING my already red and bumpy skin!!!! Now, my chin/cheek area is all scabs and bright red burn. Watch out for toothpaste...its not to h
  10. 2 forms doesnt mean 2 condoms... it means birth control pills & a condom. or spericidal lube and a condom... or whichever you choose from the list
  11. Lol I liked what you said about it being the new AA ;)

    I've been going on here more than Facebook lately which says a lot haha.