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  1. It's been another year and a lot has happened I randomly stumbled back onto this site this morning and was kind of horrified that I left off on such a negative note the last time I wrote here. I appologize because no matter how dire and terrible my skin is I only ever want to inspire positivity among other's who are fighting the same challenges here. So my annual update: Things are looking better. The hormonal twister that began last October didn't last forever I saw my dermatologist ar
  2. ..... It has been almost two years since I made the decision to take Accutane and get my skin clear for my wedding. It worked wonderfully if you ignore the emotional breakdowns, the mutilation my skin endured and the months it took for the rest of my body to rebound from the brutality of the drug... I was clear for my wedding day. who would have thought that by my first aniversary my acne would come back and .... here's my favorite part.... it came back as cystic acne rather than plain o
  3. Hey I think I speak for everyone on the logs that WE BELIEVE IN YOU! I think you should be exceptionally proud of yourself for taking control of the situation and finding a working solution for yourself! Your strong and you should know that! Not many people could search out all the help they would need to get their picking under control so huge KUDOS to you lol. I just wanted to give you a couple helpful hints I used for quick healing on the tane! 1. If your not already doing it start takin
  4. Hey! I got your message but when I tried to respond it said your inbox was full so I figured I'd respond here! So there's two things I've experiencet that are similar. One was one accutane and one happened off accutane. The first bumps I had on accutane under the skin always ended up being cysts. Mine were never very big but rather the size of a small pea or smaller. They would sit under the skin for MONTHS! I only had 4 when I was on Accutane and all of them had to be injected by my derm t
  5. Hey! My oil is coming back too! Mostly in my T zone on my forehead, nose and chin. But it's definately not as bad as it was before the accutane. For me I think it has a lot to do with my skin trying to deal with the cold weather but it could just be a bounce back from the medication. I find my hair is also different. On Accutane I could go a whole week without washing my hair and i would not look oily EVER! (not that I did that alot lol) But now I can maybe get through two days before I start
  6. Hey, I had a round of juvederm AND a laser treatment done 10 days after the end of my Accutane course. I was rushed because I wanted to reduce my scarring and spots before I took my engagement pictures. I think most doctors prefer to wait longer but mine told me that accutane is pretty much out of your system after a week so it wouldn't be a problem. And I really didn't! It was really remarkable how fast I saw results (THE SAME DAY!). Since the accutane I switched to very gentle products
  7. Hey! My derm's name is Dr. Michael Davis. His office # is 416-638-7226 He works out of two different locations. One is downtown in Yorkville and it's where he does most of his cosmetic dermatology. And then he works out of a doctors office setting around the Bathurst and Shepard area. Let me know if you need anymore info! Good luck. He really is a fantastic doctor and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet take care!
  8. Hey I'm sorry it took me a few days to respond. So when I saw my derm two years ago we discussed the possibility of me going on Accutane. His attitude was... Accutane is serious, he gave me all the info and thent old me it would be my decision about if and when I though it was a necessary step to take. We tried a few things out for a year but nothing worked and he always brought up Accutane as something to consider but said it had to be my decision because it would be difficult. When I to
  9. hey fel_han! Don't let it get you down! no matter what there will be something else you can try next. The potential for relapse after 1 course of Accutane is something like 30% ... but if you do have to do a second course the chance of a relapse after a second course is something like 3%! My derm actually mentioned to me when I was in the middle of my course that it can often take two courses but he's never had to administer a third course on anyone because it always works! So wait and see
  10. 25 ... Almost 26 Weeks After Accutane! My final goal of getting married came true! I'M MARRIED! and a touch excited about it! My skin was perfect.... which was surprising... I actually started getting a pimple right in the middle of my left cheek the night before and it seemed so fitting with my luck... But the next morning it had VANISHED! I mean not even a hint, bump or shadow of a pimple! It was really amazing.. I guess I made the wedding gods happy at some point lol In the last thr
  11. 21 Weeks After Accutane! I'm getting married in 9 DAYS!!!! and man have I had a crapload of stuff to deal with... Skin wise... Acne is great I think I've had four pimples total since I stopped the meds. Skin is no longer too dry or two oily. It's nice! Scars took awhile to clear up but they're going away slowly. The divet scars I had were actually taking too long and looking kind of crapy so last week I had them filled a second time just for the wedding. I tried using a collogen building
  12. Hey! Congrats! omg it's sooo close! I'm 60 days away from my big day so I'm just starting the skin panic. But I totally get it. I got my first pimple EVER off accutane last friday and i sat and cried for an hour. I was convinced it was going to be the first of a million before the wedding day! But it went away really quick and i figured out I was sort of over reacted lol So Makeup! I did a lot of research and asked my stylist a lot of questions before I let him touch my face. you shoud do the
  13. I never got darker but I turned pink and then RED when out in the sun too long
  14. Hey! The pain in the lower back I got too during my course. It started about two days into taking accutane and lasted until about two days after I finished. It started without any warning and then it vanished like it had never happened. I got really terrible back aches and a lot of stiffness in my muscles as well. I found after sitting for an hour or so or lying down made me really stiff when I got up to walk arround again. It has to do with the drying out of joint fluids I believe. Anyways
  15. Day 265 - Almost 14 weeks post tane. I'M GETTING MARRIED IN 60 DAYS!!!! .... but I'm not panicing lol However... Friday was a very very panicy day. I had my meal tasting for the wedding, my in laws were there (which is stressful), I was super pmsing, my manicure appontment was cancelled after I sat in a waiting room for 45 min and I got stuck in the terrible kind of slow stupid traffic that makes your blood boil... so when I got home that night I was not exactly surprised to see a HUGE pimple