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  1. I just ordered my first TCA peel. It should be here any day now. I'm starting out with 8%. I was told by a sales representative at Makeup Artists Choice to start out low and gradually work my way up. Whatever peel you choose, start off at a low % to avoid making things worse.
  2. I've always been a little hesitant when it comes to using a self tanner because I feel like it will make me break out again. Are there any non comedogenic brands?
  3. What about a self tanner? I use one on my face everyday for a week before a special event. It doesn't hide them completely but it makes it look much better. I can't let it get too dark since I have fair asian skin, but you might be different. Definitely worth a shot over real tanning.
  4. How bad would you say its peeling? Is it noticeable? Any pain or discomfort? Where did you buy your kit and how much was it?
  5. 8-10%, and then 15% (you will most likely need more than one peel). Makeupartistschoice sells TCA peels (along with other peels as well) Thank you!
  6. First time ever using a peel. I have severe scarring and hyperpigmentation. Also does anyone know of any good sites to purchase it from online?
  7. What type would you recommend for red marks? Or where can I find information on different types of peels because I hardly know anything about them?
  8. The derm wouldn't help me either. I dunno why.
  9. Awesome. I hope it works out for you. Your before and after pics may sway me into checking this out.
  10. Thanks for the detailed explaining of the process! How bad were your redmarks to begin with? How much did it end up costing?
  11. Will you have before and after pictures?