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  1. Ok so I have been off accutane for a little over a month and no bumps!!! My face looks better than it has in almost 1 year. I mean don't get me wrong I have tons of scars and a lot of hyperpigmentation but my skin finally feels smooth and no more bumps . My last derm appointment was June 2nd and the doctor injected all of the bumps I had with cortisone and it actually helped. He wrote me a script for Ziana gel and I've been using it since this Saturday so it's only been 4 days. It's starti
  2. My last day of accutane was May 21st. I was on the medication for 207 days. My face does not look like what I envisioned it would after a 7 month course. I presently have 4 active cysts and a few brewing under the skin. On a positive note none of these are new breakouts. I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I developed a lot of clogged pores while on this medication and they get infected and most become cysts. They will actually keep getting reinfected until the plug is ext
  3. I just went to a immunology/allergy specialist who specializes in food allergies last week because I wanted to make sure nothing I was eating was aggravating my acne. I'm on my 5th month of accutane and still having daily break outs and cysts. Well he said that is definitely a myth. People used to think certain things you ate could make you get acne but studies have disproven that. He said if you were allergic to a particular food you would know because you would get hives, get itchy, or hav
  4. Still breaking out. Presently I have 6 active spots 5 of which are cysts. 3 of which are huge! My skin looks like it's starting to heal in areas that are clear but still many white heads under the skin that have to break thru. Wow, this is my 5th month and I have such a long way to go still. Kinda sux but I've decided I'm just gunna be whatever about it. It's completely out of my hands. No sense beating myself up about it. I have good news. I went to an allergist who specializes in food al
  5. So I went to a different derm today for a 2nd opinion. To start off, when I got out of my car in the parking lot I realized that I had forgotten my wallet on my husband's desk. No driver's license, no insurance card, no visa card. I had a panick attack and almost lost it. I called my husband crying and he said to calm down he would scan my license and insurance card and e mail it to the office. Thank God I had cash on me so I was able to pay my copay cuz you know they will not even give you th
  6. I couldn't do it. I could not gather up the courage to spackle my cysts, hide all the red marks and go to work. I just figure I did everyone a favor. Anyone who would have come in contact with me would have been way too distracted to be productive anyways. So I slept till 10, got up poked holes in the cysts that looked like they were going to explode and let them drain. I know I'm not supposed to pick but they looked like puss filled balls sitting on my face. It didn't do much good. Now I h
  7. I saw the dermatologist on the 17th and he insisted that my face looked better which it did not. He lowered my dose to 40mg per day and said this is will probably be my last prescription. He did something different this time and actually injected 6 bumps with cortisone. I know that accutane works differently for everyone but I really don't think it's going to help me. This really sucks considering all the dry itchy skin, headaches, the sensitive gums, joint pain, and the dry peeling lips. T
  8. Am I the only person this far along into treatment with no improvement? WTF?!? I'm at the point where I don't even care anymore. I am still having daily breakouts. I currently have about 5 sposts that are drying up and 4 new ones. I have noticed all the new ones are infected milia. The problem is that some are in clusters so when they get inflamed it looks like a cyst. The scarring and flaky skin is ridiculous. If I don't see some kind of improvement by the end of this month I am not going
  9. I saw the dermatologist on Wednesday. All of my labs were not in yet but he checked my testosterone level and it turns out it is 135 the max range is 75. F*&ck my life!! The Derm said that's why the Accutane is not making the full impact it should. Now I have to see an Endocrinologist. So for any ladies out there like me who's acne is due to hormone fluctuations DO NOT invest in biohormone replacement. I know that's the reason my testosterone level is so high. I paid $400 plus dollars h
  10. Wow, you look great. The results are amazing. Best of luck to you. I'm excited to see future pics.
  11. Hey you need to wait and see if the cysts go away. The great thing about accutane is that it continues to work even after you have finished your course. That's why the manufacturer recommends you wait a minimum of 2 months before restarting therapy. I'm a Pharmacist so I'm familiar with the drug. It works differently for everyone because we are all physiologically different that's why these blogs are great becuz you get so many perspectives. The manufacturer actually recommends treatment for 12
  12. aggrivatedatacne

    Day 1

    Took this to hopefully compare the worst to complete clear skin at the end of this. Fingers crossed. So gross!