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  1. May I ask what doctor you worked with on this? Is Dr. Rullan the only one using Phenol atm? Thanks
  2. I wonder if TCA CROSS closes off the pore or if the treated pore's oil glands can still get oil and sweat to the surface of the skin.
  3. Hi, I have been using salicylic lotion on my nose for many blackheads. The largest was finally removed and left a gaping hole. How long before you know its ultimate size. I assume it might shrink a bit. Starting to get my mind ready for TCA Cross but want to give it fair time. I sometimes think pores look better with blackheads in them rather than a hole. Thanks.
  4. Okay. I don't think I'll go for filler on these two, hopefully the needling will increase that collagen which I guess is not the skin surface but what's underneath.
  5. Hi, I have two scars (out of four) I'm thinking of dermarolling. One is 1 year & 1 month old and the other is 1 year 6 months old. I wonder if the skin is still growing trying to fill in. Does demarolling get in the way of surface skin regrowing? I think I will consult a doctor soon but wanted to get other people's thoughts on this. Thanks.
  6. I always dread really long wait times in an over-crowded waiting room and then waiting for the doctor in check-room for another 20 minutes. Not the end of the world but kind of like going to DMV or something. I've also once went to a doctor that had no wait-times and a policy of never over-booking. So I want to know people's opinions: Does a doctor that over-books and make you wait a sign of his/her poor ability/treatments and/or bedside manner? Thanks...
  7. Yeah, time to do a bit of research. It's hard to gauge the skill involved in tca cross and deciding if delivery by syringe vs. toothpick technique is better. Thanks for the info.
  8. I wonder if TCA CROSS is mostly used by Cosmetic Derms/surgeons and not so much by Plastic Surgeons. I have two scars and a large pore and I would like to see if TCA CROSS can help.
  9. @beautifulambition Wow. Nice FAQ! How did you come to trust the doctors listed in the FAQ? Thanks.
  10. I'm having a hard time sifting through websites of professionals and I don't have enough friends that had scar revision to get word of mouth feedback. I'm in the NYC area but am willing to travel for a professional who is excellent at scar revision techniques such as TCA cross, mirconeedling and surgery. I've also noticed that few professionals offer all the methods main methods. Thanks for any info & feedback.
  11. came out excellently, the dr did a good job. Well done.
  12. I think I get the same thing. Like tiny white shafts coming out of the pores. I get them around my nose. When I pluck one out it leaves an enlarged, gaping pore. 1. Can I get the pore to close back to a smaller size? 2. Is there a way to remove them that doesn't leave the pore so much larger? Thanks
  13. Absolutely. I treat myself to ice cream as a comfort during those times. Since I also don't like seeing people during these times it gets expensive because I order in a lot to avoid going out. Even Chinese food delivery can add up.
  14. Okay, tried the Personna Twin (non-pivot) cartridge last night and it was as good as the Trac II. Blades are sharp and the comfort strip worked well. It's a very good imitation. I bought 100 for $16 dollars or you can get 10 for $3 & change. It's a big savings. vs. the Trac II. Who knows, they could be made in the same factory.
  15. ^^ 1. I just ordered the Personna Twin cartidges but haven't used them yet. 2. yeah these people must have a supercharged, protective microbiome on their faces
  16. In your case, I don't know. But for me since my skin issues began I try to avoid grabbing door handles. IMO, I think anything that triggers anxiety can also trigger skin picking. Howie Mandel, the comedic actor and tv host, said he got warts on his hands from using anti-bacterial soap too much. I did notice though he had perfectly clear skin along with OCD. So you can have OCD and clear skin at the same time.
  17. Just ordered some of the Personna Twin Plus cartridges. Will post an update once I try. They are extremely affordable.
  18. also saw Care One cartridges today at the supermarket. hmmm
  19. The Personna Twin II (non-pivot) has some good reviews but there are also the Wilkinson and Atra. Anyone every try these to save some $$?
  20. Two topics might be good for video but will post anyway. 1. Review of the imitation Trac II Plus cartridges. Apparently the Personna Twin II (non-pivot) has some good reviews but there are also the Wilkinson and Atra 2. Irritation: I noticed many pros in combat sports don't have pimples despite being punched and rubbed in the face.
  21. I am going to try it on a new whitehead tonight.
  22. ^^Thanks guys. Good idea about the self buzz cut, I actually considered getting the Flowbee. ) Wondering how long my hair will get.
  23. I see. Thanks ) Some topics are probably best for the forum if they have a smaller audience.