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  1. http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jht...push&navCount=0 thats the stuff i got. i hope it works i might do a journal/log
  2. has anyone tried this? i got it for something like $3. I was hoping to use it for redmarks on face and for a scar on my arm.
  3. What if i tried to burn it off with 17% Salicyic Acid(Wart Remover).
  4. just got off of accutane too so maybe once that gets out of my system it will start to heal better then it has
  5. sweet thanks! i already take vitamin b complex with vitamin e everyday.
  6. where can i get silicon gel
  7. Around December-January i was opening box with razor blade and when i did i got like 1 inch long cut on my forearm. Its Pinkish in color and its raised how long before it goes away. and would being in sun worsen it or make the pink go away?
  8. YESSSS im done with my accutane treatment and my derm said by the looks i might not have to go to 2nd course....when i was sitting in the waiting room today before i saw my derm i was like man this is it. i have come along way and i hope this log has helped someone.
  9. found some pics from Christmas ....check them out they were from around month 3 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v334/whsfball24/me.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v334/whs...24/000_0035.jpg This is when i realize i have come along way and im very proud that i choose accutane.
  10. Hey man welcome back! Hey i saw a couple of your post on BB.com. looking good
  11. i got my head buzzed today.... i used to have hair like MJ from real world...i miss my long curly hair
  12. im almost 100% clear just on my temples ive been having problems and for the redmarks they have been slowly fading with out anything besides lots of water and mosturizer
  13. Not Acne Related but today i got in a fight and beat the shit out of this kid and got 2 saturdays. He kept hitting my knuckles with a piece of wood he had and was talking shit so i took the piece of wood and smacked him with it on his chest and he started after me so i punched him like 3 or 4 times and he went down and right as i started to choke him out instructor told us to leave class and go to office.
  14. suzie_babi_00....obviously you have not had moderate to severe acne and probably know nothing about the application process for accutane...we know the side effects and what we are getting in to, we read papers with side effects and ourselves and parents sign off on it to take it...we know what the risk are and when you have moderate to severe acne its deffinately the best way to solve it. And yes there is a age where most people will get acne but that is usually very mild-mild acne and doesnt re