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  1. Only have like one picture of me before the Regimen! But I think it illustrates my acne pretty well. Before: After: Second one is unretouched/no Photoshop. Mark under my right eye is a broken capillary, just to be clear.
  2. No. I stopped about 6 weeks ago and my skin is exactly the same. I experienced a few small breakouts (very minor) in the initial "stoppage" period, but, other than that, my skin has stayed clear 99% of the time. I still get a small pimple here and there, but the same thing happened on the Regimen. I can't say specifically, but I'll give you a quick summary of my acne treatment experience. I never used anything from a dermatologist, but I tried everything else imaginable: ProActiv, washing
  3. You're right that people shouldn't let acne run their life. But you're basically advocating that half-following the Regimen is "good enough." Well, the truth is... not really. I read so many posts on here about the Regimen not working, only to find out that almost every single person who says that doesn't follow the Regimen exactly! It's not called "the Haphazard," it's called "the Regimen!" Regimen definition: - "a systematic plan for therapy" The keyword there is "systematic." If you want op
  4. It'll depend a lot on what kind of skin you have. From what I've read (and my personal experience), Addie's post is not a typical reaction to starting the Regimen... although lucky you for not having flakes or redness to deal with Most people have a lot of dryness, redness, and even flakes on their face for several months until your skin, basically, is altered to adapt to the frequent application of BP. I've been on the Regimen for about 3 years, and I do it every morning and every night, twi
  5. I've had the same problem, regarding flakiness, and I've been on the regimen about the same time you have. AHA+ (theoretically) helps with flakiness by increasing the rate at which your skin sheds dead skin cells. In other words, your skin "naturally" (because of AHA) sheds off faster, so there is less chance for flakes to visibly form. This is the same reason that it helps prevent acne and is a useful spot-treater (skin cells don't have as much time to get clogged and cause acne because they're
  6. Any of you who use Dan's moisturizer (and are male ) shave often? I find my stubble gets in the way the moisturizer fully absorbing in.
  7. Well, thank you for replying but adding nothing whatsoever to the conversation.
  8. I've been doing the Regimen faithfully (all three products from Dan) for almost 3 years, and, of course, I've seen drastic improvements in my skin. However, now I'm at the same crossroads a lot of long-time users seem to arrive at one way or another: how do I know when my body has completed it's "acne phase" and I can end the Regimen? As a precursor to that, I've been considering going on a once/day Regiment "diet" to see if I break out more than normal (which is 1-2 pimples every... few month
  9. Update from OP: So I switched to Cetaphil about a week ago. I know it hasn't been long enough to really see if things will improve, but I'm not a fan so far. The Cetaphil makes the skin around my mouth/chin very red and scaly-feeling. I have seen an improvement with the flakes, but it burns and irritates so much that it's not worth the trade-off. I was thinking it might be a combination of the new moisturizer + leftover BP, so I even went once/day on the regimen for a few days, hoping that it w
  10. jamesgarney

    Got rid of most of my flakes Irritated my skin (red and scaly) Didn't remove ALL of my flakes (and even a few look terrible...) Very thick Takes a while to absorb (20-30 min) Left me shiny Ok, so I have only used this for a little over a week, but I'm mixed so far. It's very thick and takes a while to fully absorb, but it did a much better job of getting rid of flakes than Dan's moisturizer (the new one, at least). It also made my chin very irritated, red, and a bit scaly at
  11. I don't like Dan's moisturizer because it never got rid of my flakes fully. I'm on Cetaphil now but it seems to be making my face really red, so I'm going to switch over to CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion and see how that works. Based on the reviews I've read, it seems to be very lightweight and great at keeping flakes away. I would try Dan's moisturizer first because it seems to work pretty well for most people. But I have pretty dry skin, and I live in a very dry climate (CA), so I need something
  12. Ahh, this is such a bad thing to believe regarding tanning! Putting on sunscreen doesn't mean you won't get tan. It just spreads out the sun's effects over a longer period of time. Think of it like putting your thumb over the end of a hose--less water is coming out, but you have more control over it. Using sunscreen gives you the option of requiring 2 hours before you burn instead of half an hour (just a random example). But you should always, always wear some form of sunscreen to protect you
  13. Yeah, I've tried everything at this point. I've used 3 pumps, 4 pumps, with a little jojoba, with a lot of jojoba, no jojoba, layering jojoba on first then putting on moisturizer, etc. I always seem to have a few flakes or, if I don't, I might just rub my chin on accident, or smile too big, and a few form. It's made me really self-conscious so much I run to the mirror every 2 hours or so just to make sure nothing has flaked-up (and even if it has, I can't do anything about it usually!). I'll t
  14. Hey everybody, Quick post here. I've been on the regimen for about 3 years, and it's going great. But ever since Dan switched to that new moisturizer, it's been almost impossible to eliminate some flakiness around my chin/mouth. No matter how much I moisturize, use jojoba, do the "jojoba rub" that the pinned post suggests, nothing works. Does anyone out there have a problem with flakiness and can recommend me a better moisturizer? Thanks in advance. James
  15. Hello everyone, I looked around but I didn't see too many posts on this specifically, so I apologize if this has already been covered. I started using the new moisturizer a few weeks ago and I'm noticing that it isn't nearly as effective at reducing flakes. I use a generous amount of Jojoba Oil too (and I did with the old moisturizer) but, every now and then, I see flakes around the corners of my mouth and my chin. It's not a huge deal, as I just "spot treat" the flakes with the moisturizer and