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  1. i read somewhere to apply moisturizer 15 minutes before applying any of the topicals? should i just give it a shot tonight without any moisturizer? and i trust the amount of topicals she prescribed for me considering shes been in practice for almost 37 years. she also offers so much care that my consultation took 45 min and she was a bit late for her other patient just so she could make an exact diagnosis. she seems like the best derm ever... haha
  2. hi guys, i met my new derm today and she was very caring to my situation. she gave me cards to activate so that i won't have to pay more than $25 on any of my prescribed drugs (refills as well). she also left me with about a month supply of sample for ziana, aczone and epiduo as well as a 3 day sample of DORYX. other samples include moisturizers and cleansers such as CeraVe and Cetaphil 50SPF facial moisturizer along with discount cupons! so i was prescribed: DORYX (150mg) ZIANA ACZONE EPIDUO
  3. ah thanks, i have insurance, its just most of the derms in my area don't accept HMO. so i'm sure i won't be paying full price for accutane. i also have records for a blood work on my liver about a month ago, so i hope they take that as well to save me some time.
  4. Hi this is my first post on acne.org! from my freshman year to mid-junior my skin was really flawless, i never had acne problems of any sort besides maybe tiny blackheads on my nose that were not visible unless seen close-up. here is a short list of what i have been on so far: in the past: doxycycline and clindamycin topical gel recently: cephalexin, erthomycin+benzoyl peroxide topical gel (for about 3 weeks) currently: erthomycin+benzoyl peroxide topical gel, hydrocortizone 2.5% cream (WTF??)