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  1. I appreciate the reply! I'm glad going off the pill hasn't wreaked havoc on your skin. I've had OK success on the Regimen, but unfortunately it does nothing for the hormonal flare-ups that happen 1-2 weeks a month. Sadly my skin has become hyper-sensitive in the past couple years and the benzoyl peroxide leaves me dry, red, and scaly. I use Dan's BP and Cetaphil moisturizer but I end up with painful scaly patches around my eyes (even though I don't put the BP anywhere near my eyes!), lips, and
  2. Hi all, I've taken Ortho Tri-cylcen for approx. 7 years to control acne (I am 24 now). I've tried several times to go off the pill and it has resulted in big ugly breakouts that don't go away. The longest I was off the pill was 3-4 months before I just couldn't face myself in the mirror anymore. During my "off" periods I have tried various drugstore topical treatments and the regimen, and once was on retin-A from the doc, but they don't keep my hormonal acne at bay. I probably have what doctors
  3. Wow, strange! You should be able to bring it back. If it was SDM or someplace like that, explain what happened and i am sure they will exchange it for you. You can also write/call the company and most of them are quite willing to help a customer when they've made a mistake.
  4. Yikes! The products you are using are very harsh. The Oxy and Clearasil washes are medicated, and then on top of that you are adding Panoxy BP. It sounds like the Garnier anti-blemish moisturizer is ALSO medicated. This is a lot of harsh, drying ingredients to be adding to your face. Maybe you could try gentle (non-medicated) cleansers and moisturizers with just one medication (e.g. the PanOxyl) and see if that causes less irritation and redness.
  5. Wow...it is amazing to see everyone's similar stories. Of course I have my own version: I've been on the pill (ortho tri-cyclen) since approx. 16 and I am 23 now (so 7 years). Last year I decided I wanted to quit the pill for various reasons, but nearly as soon as I did I BROKE OUT like never before (face, back, and chest...I never had to deal with body acne before)! It was awful! I waited it out for 3 months hoping things would get better, and when they didn't I went back on the pill. About 4 o
  6. It is probably the lighting more than the mirror. Hence why people recommend you apply makeup in natural light and not in your bathroom. There is a particular bathroom mirror at work I LOVE because I look awesome in it (haha). But I sit next to a window at work and realize the natural light isn't good for my features
  7. I second this makeup. I always end up going back to this. I used the #1 shade for a while, and surprisingly found this TOO light (and I am ghostly pale)! I bumped myself up to #3 which is...perfect! I skipped #2 because it seems their colours alternate between "pink" base and "yellow" base. Numbers 1 and 3 are pink toned, number 2 is light but yellow toned.
  8. $9 is a great deal...good catch. Here is my update: I was also using Cetaphil previously, but found it incredibly "greasy" feeling. It always left this yucky film on my face...although I admit it moisturized well. In contract, the Spectro lotion goes on wonderfully: it soaks in quickly, and leaves a very smooth texture without a yucky film! It claims to be fragrance free, which is true except when you first apply there is a mild smell I can't even describe, but it goes away instantly. I was
  9. Based on the last two replies, the only people getting worked up are the people here who seem to be on the defense because some of us want discreet packaging. I like my privacy, and I don't need to explain what products I use for anything: be it a fungal treatment, a hair treatment, whatever. I do not live in a big house with LOTS of cabinet space to put away my products so unfortunately for me I do not get to stash my ACNE.org bottles away. I know and I am sure others know and have thought up
  10. I think this has been discontinued. Companies want you to buy the expensive blades! EDIT: Just realized how old this topic is. Whoops.
  11. I have to agree that ACNE on the label is a little too pronounced. It would be nice to have something a little more discreet!
  12. So I found the line in Shoppers Drugmart today. There are three versions: Normal/Combination, Dry, and Blemish Prone skin, but they all have essentially the same ingredient list. I tried a bit of the Dry skin version on my hand and felt it left a very SLIGHT sticky residue (but not terrible), so I opted for the Blemish Prone version since it was a smoother feel. I will update after a few days of use. Price at Shoppers was $15.99, but I am sure it will be cheaper elsewhere once other stores get
  13. Hi all! I just saw an ad for new Spectro moisturizers! Here is the product page: http://www.spectroskincare.com/facial_mois...rs_product.aspx I am super excited to try this out Please post if you have seen in it stores, or have tried any of the moisturizers.
  14. Hi all, just want to share my experience with this shipping method. I ordered just one 8oz bottle of BP gel, and shipping was a little less than $5. The package took 9 business days to arrive. No customs or any extra costs. It was delivered by Canada Post and I wasn't home when it arrived, so I picked it up at the post office. You do not get a tracking number for this method, but you get notification when the item has been "shipped out". Oh, and I live in Ontario.
  15. Just in case anyone is interested.... I tried the Jel version (purple bottle, for sensitive problem-prone skin) and I did not like it. The smell was too strong, and it left my face dry, tight, and flakey. I instead got my old SpectroDerm and have been much happier with it - no harsh smell, and it moisturizes better.