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  1. Oh man, it's been a while! Sorry guys, been a little busy. However I can't say that nothing's been happening acne-wise. A pesky blemish developed in the middle of my face....on my right cheek near my nose. What the hell? Other than that, things have kind of stayed the same unfortunately. The past 2 weeks, the Accutane has seemingly done nothing. Skin has gotten even drier than normal, and the rashes on the arms have been increasingly unsightly and unbearable. However with this new work (which
  2. Yo! Glad you guys are appreciating my low-brow lifestyle. Been having some rash issues as of late, though. Both arms are getting kind of bad, but I just started putting moisturizer on them (I hadn't done so previously.) Face is looking great though. I know you ladies won't relate to this, but I've found that for some reason when I shave, my face looks a lot better (in terms of clarity) than when I let it grow out a little. I have no idea why this is....shouldn't the scruff hide the rednes
  3. Oh man, it's been a few days eh? Sorry! Things have been picking up lately and I guess I don't have much to report in the way of acne...much like most people on here who started around the same time as myself. For those of you who started later, this is what you have to look forward to! Slow, boring, but it's progress nonetheless. Getting increased dryness around my chin and nose area, but that's nothing that a little extra moisturizer won't fix. Continuing to see slow progress, and I think th
  4. Your improvement is remarkable! It's great to see that kind of rapid progress...I know what you mean as well. It's funny your wedding is in October. My sister just got engaged and her wedding is going to be in November, and I actually have a similar mentality as you in that respect. I'm determined to be clear for the wedding, cause I'm a groomsman and need to be up on the altar (I think? I don't know much about weddings and I'm kind of ignorant when it comes to them). Either way, I think we're
  5. I may be getting annoying, but for some reason I think today's progress looks better than yesterday. Could this be the time I see rapid improvement due to 80mg/day? That'd be fantastic. This is me after a shower and shave....you can still clearly see some redness and small bumps on my left cheek, and my right is slowly improving as well. Redness all over still an issue though, hopefully that will reduce this month? fashion junkie: 120 is pretty intense! I think I'll see the kind of reaction I s
  6. Ok nevermind, here's one of me today. I'm not into the whole side to side profile shots....enjoy my cold stare.
  7. I must say you have an interesting and unique way of writing as well! And looking great! Did you ever consider that those sirens you heard were in fact searching for Gen. Icky? And that's why he got off the bus with you? And now you're his sponsor to get off drugs? Good luck with that.
  8. Howdy Things are going well I suppose. I decided to prematurely start with the 80mg/day....I had 1 pack of 10 pills left before going on to the new prescription. I guess I was supposed to keep alternating between 40/80 with that pack, but screw that. 80/day for the foreseeable future works for me! Having some minor breakouts, but I suspect it's due to this increased dosage. So far I think 80/day is the highest I've read about on this site....it there anyone who does more than that? My shitty
  9. Quick update: (I realize I'm posting three times in a row, and no one probably reads this anymore but I don't mind!) Got a call from the derm's office TODAY.....one day after I saw him and got blood drawn. The lady said my blood came back great and they already confirmed me on iPledge. Some kind of small miracle that everything went so quickly...maybe they could sense that things weren't going great in my other aspects of life. Got all my stuff at once today (Lopid, Epiduo, and the Accutane).
  10. I suppose I should probably write here, haven't in some time. In acne news....I got a breakout! It was actually pretty bad, and I'm thinking it may have been a delayed response to going back on Claravis? Either way it sucked, it was quite large and unsightly. As per normal, I exctracted it when I could, and I'll probably regret it later. Oh well...it's one of those things that feels good when you do it, but in the long run doesn't help. Like drinking!! It came at such an inopportune time also;
  11. Well it's day something something. Face is still clearing up; although a lot more slowly than in the beginning. I've noticed through reading some other logs that this is happening to a lot of people, so maybe it's common? Either way, as long as I continue to see improvement, I can't complain. I CAN complain about the rashes and dry skin, however. They suck. I went outside to run an errand (trudged through feet and feet of snow, amongst the anarchy and martial law that is Washington D.C. right
  12. This snow is absurd! It should have been illegal to drive here in DC also. I never heard about that driving ban in Baltimore, but it certainly makes sense. I've been hibernating in the house for the past 3 days. Good luck with the boy thing! Sounds like it's going well. I agree that we're all just updating about our lives on this site now, and not so much on the skin. Gotta do it somewhere.
  13. Hello Hello It's been a few days I suppose. Still technically on month 3 of Claravis treatment. The reason I've been MIA is because I had an unexpected trip up to the Northeast to take care of some things back home, see family and friends, and escape the ridiculous snow. The first thing my parents said when they saw me was that my face looked the best they've seen it in YEARS. That was good to hear, and I think I agree with them. Now that I'm well into the 3rd month I'm getting the arm rashe
  14. Hey all- Here's yet another boring photo update. It's taken just after a shower today, with my lips coated (shiny!) in Aquaphor and face in Eucerin. You can definitely see the redness, and the stubborn spots that are taking a while to fade away. In time, though. I'm thinking my course, even while briefly interrupted, is moving along well and seeing quick results. Can't complain there! A bit of comedic relief: I share a bathroom with one guy on the main floor here. There are THREE (3) towels