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  1. I use Sulfacetamide SOD 10%, Just started it today and already I can tell the the cystic acne is getting smaller. Great product for anyone with Cystic Acne
  2. I am 21 I recently used A test booster (novedex Xt) 15 days into the cycle, I broke out with cystic acne. Ill never use any of that stuff again. Its 2 months after I stopped taking the test booster and my acne just now looks like it might be retreating. I have always had a few pimples here or there, but never the ones that are big and under the skin. Its hard to imagine that anything else could have caused it when you eat and live such a clean lifestyle (Other than the test boosters). I think
  3. Hey guys Update....I went to a new Derm today, (Side question: Why are female Dermatologist so pretty?) Anyway... I went to the Derm and she said that the Doxy 100mg pills I was taking were the best for the Cyst Acne that I have. She said the clindamycin is good too, but she told me to use it in the morning and she gave me a prescription for Sulfacetamide SOD 10% at night. I asked about applying BP on top of the Clindamycin and she said only if there is a white head showing. Does anyone have an
  4. I have not really had any irritation. I am going to a new Derm tomorrow, the one ive been using is the one who prescribed the 100mg per day doxcy and Clindamycin. I have been using the Clindamycin alone, with results only on the red marks. they seem to have faded pretty good. I have googled Bp and Clindamycin and it seems like others have had good results using both. I just wanted to know if I had to use one before the other or if i could use them at the same time.
  5. Hi, new to the forum, Acne def only moderate but there all under the skin and red. was prescribed Doxcy 100mg and Clindamycin.Ive read some good things about the Mycin & Bp combo so I was wondering if you can put on the clindamycin let it dry then apply the BP? Also for the ones under the skin, would it help to apply a warm rag with pressure on the spot to draw out the white head or would an ice pack help?