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  1. Sounds like any oral treatment is out the window so basically just topical treatments like retin-A? Maybe laser treatment? Might sound crazy but I do have been on long term anti biotics and ive had 3 accutane courses with varying success but the thing if found now thats got me clear are clay masks!
  2. Hey guys, UK guy here. Im going on holiday to Florida soon and I'll be stopping in Orlando for a few days. In the uK its near damn impossible to get a cortisone shot. Does anyone know if it would be possible to just jump into a Derms office in orlando and pay for one? Or does it not work like that? Cheers
  3. Why my derm said was that cause it reduces the size of your sebum glands and thereore oil production in the skin, the more oil you use on your face the more you replace what accutane removes making the effects less. Ive already learned derms are prone to bullshitting but my back and chest cleared up 100% on the drug and my face was unchanged. Only thing I did differently was moisturise my face with jojoba oil.
  4. I was using jojoba oil as a moisturiser. Maybe that's why but I want to make sure this one works. Ill stick with this for now cause I doubt only an oil based ingredient will do any harm but use an oil free one next. Thanks for the suggestion
  5. http://www.simple.co.uk/products/kind+to+s...r-125ml-79.aspx It doesnt say its oil free, but i checked all the ingredients and it doesnt look likes there any oil? Im on accutane for a second time cause i used an oil to moisturise my face during the first course = reverse the effects of the drug So im looking for an oil free moisturiser, my mum bought me this and it works brilliantly, just want to double check im not making the same mistake twice! Thanks guys
  6. Okay guys, wasnt sure where to post this but ill go here, mods can move it if im wrong So basically, i have my first cold sore, to add to all the shit on my face, i have to deal with cold sores for the rest of my life. The one i just had wasnt TOO noticeable, my lip was very swollen and it was severely uncomfortable but its getting better and so far hasnt blistered. I thought it was a bad spot and have treated it as such, not sure if that helped/made it worse tbh, its my first one. My quest
  7. Yes. I got clear, and i had the time of my life. Ive always been a very outgoing fun person. And as my acne got worse, i stayed in more, didnt enjoy being out with friends, became very recluse. I hated it, i cried, prayed, the works. This lasted for about 3 years but i eventually got clear. Guys, its worth it. I got confident again, loved going around to friends, just being able to relax and have fun, thats all i want. Not asking for much. BUT ALAS, im back after a few months of happiness. C
  8. My experience of them is that trying when they arnt ready is very very bad, makes them worse, more noticable. Saying that, 75% of the cysts ive had have lasted for months (6-12) when i didnt pop them. Getting the bad stuff out always makes mine better. With you, leaving them could just be a difference of days, but in my case, if i could pop them i would.
  9. Hey, im 100% clear now from the regimen. What i found was that BP can prevent cysts. But not get rid of them. I had to get anti-biotics from the Doctor to get rid of my cysts. And then the regimen keeps me clear. An issue i did find, was sometimes, the BP makes you purge(IE, gets rid of all the shit in your skin) And sometimes, the residue from previous cysts would come back as a full fledged cyst. BUT once you are shot of all the cysts. Regimen should keep away, at least, thats what worked f
  10. Cysts, urgh. Ive had them for years and im only now clear. Preventing them is the key, ibe been on acuutane and now the regimen. Once you get one your fucked basically. There isnt really a 'quick' cure. HOWEVER. You can visit your derm or doctor for a cortisone shot. But i dont like them so i normally ask for a 7 day course of anti-biotics and that normally clears things up. Tea tree oil 100% also worked amazing for me. Some cysts would be gone in a week. Hot presses can sometimes bring them
  11. Aww it feels great, like a huge weight lifted of your shoulders, when im out i feel something in the back of my head nagging me 'GET AWAY FROM PEOPLE' and i just cant put my finger on why i feel odd just talking to people. Skin! <3 Good luck to you, really hope you and everyone get clear!
  12. Day 46 WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO Im officially clear. Cyst is gone, just left with a scar. I just have to pray i stay this way. Im going to continue to update my log but only on a weekly basis unless anything changes dramatically. Like a new breakout or dryness problems etc etc. So overview of what i used: PanOxyl 2.5% aquagel. People seem to knock this, it worked fine for me. Bulldog Male Grooming Face wash. Bulldog Male Grooming Moisturiser I cant tell you enough how much i recommend the bull
  13. Day 45 Ooooooh i woke up today and ALMOST announced myself clear! Alas, my cyst hasnt completely gone yet but damn is it close, i could probably say it will be gone tonight, but defo tomorrow i think! I used AHA again last night all over my face and this morning it is really looking brilliant. Ive not looked this clear in 4/5 years? Its brilliant. I feel so good right now! 2010 is going to be a good year i think!!!
  14. Day 44 Hey guys, i dont really have a big update today cause i dont really have any problems. My skin is still looking great and i have control of the dryness. And my cyst is even smaller than it was yesterday! Its small enough now that when i wash my face i dont really notice it when my hands run over it. Im a bit of a jojoba oil junkie though. I use it on my face before applying BP in the mornings. I add a few drops of it to my moisturiser normally. And im a fan of the exfoliation method
  15. Had cysts for 5 years, nothing worked that was mentioned above. Tea Tree Oil 100% worked for every cyst i ever had, and the one it didnt work on was the one the derm messed with! Its cheap, and my cysts would be gone in 3 days so you might aswell try!