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  1. Strangers have thoughtfully suggested the following to me: "Have you tried Proactiv?" "Have you tried not wearing makeup for a while?" haha, wish it were that simple! These people obviously have never had real acne problems.
  2. I took a college course called Analyzing and Changing Human Behavior. It was all about changing a behavior that you don't like about yourself. The book for the course is essentially a guide on how to stop doing something. The book is called Self-Directed Behavior and I bet you could get an older edition for a penny on Amazon.com. I believe there is even an example in the book about stopping picking your skin. This book is easy to read and I recommend it if you want to stop picking.
  3. SmTwnGrl

    Removes make-up Moisturizes Easily Available Smells like food! None During fall and winter my skin gets crazy dry and this is the only thing that works. It feels soothing when applying to painful dry skin and it soaks right in. It doesn't make my acne worse or better. I usually smear it on with a cotton ball or my finger tips and let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse off in the shower, then I finish my rinsing off with a salicylic acid face wash. Skin is not left greasy but moistu
  4. I started using Proactiv Solution when I was 10 years old for about 8 years and it never did much for my acne and I still have acne today as a 22 year old. The system was harsh on my skin the first month of using but my skin adapted to it and became tolerant of it eventually. I recall burning, drying, and occasional bleeding the first month probably because I was young and it was my first kind of acne treatment ever. As long as you've already ordered it, you should have your daughter try it beca
  5. SmTwnGrl

    My skin has built up a tolerance on harsh chemicals Expensive Does not work well Dyes fabrics - towels, pillow cases When I first started using Proactiv solution, I was really hopeful like it was going to be a miracle cure. I used it for about 10 years and there was no change in my skin. I should have given up on it sooner, but my mom was paying for it so I didn't care. I recall the first few weeks of using it were torture on my skin with drying and burning. Maybe this product should
    Smells great Not expensive A little drying Did not do much to clear acne This product smells great and is good for removing makeup and other impurities. It's a little drying and the product by itself did not actually help with my acne. This is the case with all Neutrogena washes that I've tried though. I recommend grapefruit seed extract instead if you want to see results in reducing acne and fading scars.
  6. SmTwnGrl

    Moisturizes Not Oily Great price!! Evens out my complexion Need to wait about 20 minutes after applying to put on make up Soaks into my skin and moisturizes pretty well after about 20 minutes after applying. I'm unemployed right now so I can't buy a $30 moisturizer so under 5 bucks is the right price. The bottle also seems to last me forever (almost a year for me) and its small enough to travel with. My skin appears less red with an even complexion after it soaks in. It's worth