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  1. I'm there with you all. It's tough. I've posted this before. I use to wear foundation every day and had no problems with acne in my teens or 20's. Don't know if it was hormonal but acne suddenly hit my face with no mercy. In that photo posted I am wearing no make-up except eye concealer. I was 6 month post accutane and had just broken out with a cyst and I was not happy to see it. I dabbed a bit of my eye concealer to cover it up that day. While I was on Accutane I found Mary Kay Medium Cove
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  3. Over the years [with acne] I've included some personal hygiene habits specially to keep my face "clean". My boyfriend calls me Howard sometimes to poke fun; referring to Howard Hughes and his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Maybe some of you can identify with my habits. Just to make it clear I only do this when I wish my face ) If I'm washing my face over the sink: Once I turn on the faucets to wash my face I do not touch the faucet again bare handed until I'm completely done with my regimen
  4. I finished my last dose of Accutane in mid January of 09 and by July 4th 2009 I was once again suffering. 6 [months} must be it's lucky number. I've kind of been all over the place since July until I decided to go with the Acne.org regimen two weeks ago and so far so awesome! I don't know about your insurance question but I hope you feel better soon.