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  1. Day 5 Well. i definatley didnt expect it this quickly, but the IB has officially set in. luckily its in the best place to break out. The forehead. well for me, the forehead is the best place because im a guy with semi-long hair so it pretty much all gets covered up during the day. Im also lucky in the fact that my skin hasn't gotten too dry... yet. Shit i probably just jinxed myself oh well. Im super excited that i got on this before christmas break because hopefully this flare up will all hap
  2. hey rachk! i started the 17th so we are really close! we should keep up with each others logs so that we can work through this process together. good luck with your course. i wish you the best of luck!
  3. Day II well, not much to report. boring friday night that i avoided doing stuff. Call of Duty make me feel a little less unimportant im picking up that redness relief stuff tomorrow. and im hanging out with my girlfriend all day so i cant wait. she always puts me in a good mood so there's really no point in updating this until things start to change. ill see you guys then!
  4. about that scarring thing.. i think i'm starting to get a few shallow ones myself.. EEK! oh well they make me look tough which isn't too bad. ive always had a little boy face. But keep your chin up! everything is gonna get better
  5. Mallory- Thanks a bunch! ill make sure i pick that up tomorrow! =) Herecomesthesun- Aquaphor. ill check it out. it really couldn't hurt could it ;P Erg! i'm having weird feeling about this treatment. its like im swaying between being really excited to make my skin clearer and deathly afraid of going to school looking like a snowman thanks to all the flakies. Anyone feel similar?
  6. Well, i took my first pill today so to start you guys off here's my story My Story So i didnt get acne until i was about 14(im 16 now) but it has always been very persistent but never too bad(i consider myself lucky) so i tried all sorts of things, all of which seemed to aggravate it and in turn make it worse. So my previous medication, Tazorac, i was determined to stick with it until i saw results. Which i did, but only in the final 3 weeks after vowing to go with Accutane. So here i am, star
  7. its effective. you were probably perscribed .05 because your skin is fragile and your doctor/derm thinks the .1 will cause too much irritation
  8. just make sure before you leave anywhere look in the mirror that makes you look good. ignorance is bliss!!
  9. i completely agree with ya. however im on tazorac but only because it really helps speed up the healing process of red marks. i dont do anything else to my face and ive seen huge improvements since ive stopped. i dont wash my face, im a swimmer though so maybe that basically does the same thing as a face wash, but i agree that there may be a conspiracy but only because i love that kind of stuff
  10. ive got a problem with red marks as well but mine fade very quickly because either A) im on tazorac and that speeds the healing process B) im a swimmer and the chemicals in the water kill the germs and allow the skin to heal C) im a teenage boy and we tend to heal up the quickest. i would suggest Tazorac but it will make your skin much worse at first, ask your derm about it
  11. i'm on tazorac and buddy. that sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. the tazorac is very drying, and BP isn't great either (especially 10%) use one or the other or else you are gonna be as red as a lobster. i went through that stage. they called me "sunburned september" even though i never went in the sun
  12. humans arent actually adapted to eating grains. my mom and little sister both have an autoimmune disorder called celiac's disease. it's triggered by gluten which is the key component in beer, bread and anything that has to do with wheat, rye, or barley. ive done my reasearch and concluded(not a professional opinion) that if you can eat a gluten free diet you will see a dramatic improvement in skin quality. i actually still eat alot of bread.. bad me. but i still have acne so... but on a side not
  13. not defending those guys that made those hurtful remarks but if it were anyone else im pretty sure they would make the same comments. i dont think he. like you would want to be treated differently because of his differences
  14. i feel like i can still look good with acne but once its gone i'm not going to take my looks or anyone elses for granted. i'm a lot less judgmental about peoples appearances since acne. its such an integral part of growing up. not to mention the lesson in patience it has taught me... all good things take time
  15. I was on Tazorac for 7 weeks when i decided my skin was too red and irritated, so i took a break. that was a week ago. If i return to my routine will i suffer another IB? I've also been using Benzaclin for the past week and its been working wonders.