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  1. yea do that in class and ull be cool ^ oily sux
  2. what can u mix acv with to get rid of the smell
  3. oh plz bullshit go away accutane works, you might get a little depressed.. i dont know i was never on the drug.. only u can kill urself, accutance doesnt put a knife to ur throat some people deal with depression better than others, some are also mentally retarded and when its get bad for a while they end it not accutanes fault
  4. ^ wrong the regimen doesnt use sa, it should use sa like botchlas and it will get faster results and it wil prevent more too proactiv = overpriced sa and bp, try botchlas regimen searchy the forums
  5. how long would this 4oz bottle last me? http://www.larachem.com/lactic_40.htm
  6. what does latic acid peels help with? do they help with icepick scars
  7. as long as you dont go over, then ur fine.. ppl her know more about acne than some docts
  8. bump.. can someone suggest me a peel i no nothing about them.. latic, ga, their all so confusing
  9. zinc helps but not as much as this one supplement i heard about but forgot its name.. its whole purpose is to speed up the process.. i cant take zinc with tetra i dont think
  10. cmon people i know their are some i need to know the names plz im on tetra and my healing time is way low so i need it
  11. r their any supplements or vitamins that help skin heal faster and what r they