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  1. Needinghelp, are you still taking pantothen? I want to try it. Does it work?
  2. Anyone out there had success with Pantothen? I want to try it. Please help
  3. Saw palmetto did not work for me- my face was too oily that acne strated again
  4. atan

  5. I just took it a week ago and I am also hoping for a miracle. I am also taking diane with saw p. I recently (just a day before taking saw P) stopped taking spironolactone because I feel like my body is so weak when I was on it. It was the only thing that cleared up my acne though- after 13 years of struggling with it and after 4 courses of accutane. I really want saw p to work since it's natural. Please update me on your status. So far my skin is not breaking out yet- I don't know if this i
  6. I know what you are going through! I was taking 125 mg when healing of my acne started. It took 4 months. Then on the 7th month I was feeling dizzy, weak and could not walk far without breathing hard and felt like fainting! I decided to stop spiro first but I was still continously taking my diane birth control. After two months of stopping, oily skin and acne came back! I was put on 50 mg then 75 then 100 mg and that's when it started to heal again. To combat the size effects I am also taking ce
  7. Hang in there! I cleared up on spiro after 4 months of use. I was at 25 mg then 75 then 125mg. Goodluck!
  8. Did you have any improvement on acne though? Were you still getting cystic acne?
  9. At 75mg, skin is doing great again. After stopping for 2 months almost. It's only been a week though...lets see. God bless everyone!
  10. atan

    Clears up acne and oily skin Takes time to work I hope I get to inspire or help anyone out there dealing with acne for years now. Had acne for 13 loooong years. Tried accutane 5 times but oil and acne would come back 4 months after stopping it. Last year (August) I took spironolactone 50 mg then increased to 75mg then 125 mg. Healing happened on the fourth month. Super Bad breakout before that but just hang on. Had to take it with diane 35 bcp because of irregular menstrati
  11. Im back I had clearing of skin with spironolactone at 125mg. I also decided to finally take diane 35 that my derm prescribed me since I was getting irregular periods (super long ones) with spiro. Unfortunately, even without the diane I was already feeling so tired, fatigue and disoriented with spiro at 125 mg. My derm lowered my dose at 100mg but I was still feeling the above symptoms. I decided to stop spiro first since I thought I had diane anyway to help fight the androgens overproduced by
  12. Jen do you get long periods because of spiro? This feb, my period is already on it's 10th day. It's crazy! It's doing so well for my skin but Im afraid the toll on my health
  13. When I eat bananas, I don't really feel any different. It's when I drink caffeinated drinks that I get very very dizzy and weak.
  14. To AcneGurl78: 1. I live in Toronto Canada and the physician I see readily gives it. I go to the Toronto Acne Clinic and they do prescribe it to patients. Im sure that your dermatologist would prescribe it since from what I've been reading about spiro, it's used as in "off label" acne drug. 2. You have to take it everyday. The first month I started with 25 mg, second month 75 and third month 125 mg. The cure happened on my 4th month. I use spectro cleanser for acne (only available in canada-ex