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  1. Im using 3% BP, twice a day - evening and morning. 2/3 of my finger..... For jojoba oil I don't have that many moneys cuz shipping to my Country cost more than jojoba oil
  2. In "What to expect" write that after one month all flekness and rednes is gone..... but I still have flaknes and rednes and it's suc*s... i have realy good moisturizer...... all thinks doing step by step...
  3. Hi, I using regiment 6 weeks now. My skin is flaky and little red..... My skin is cleared ~80%. If i will stop regiment my acne will return?
  4. Hi, I have a problem.I have very very DRY and FLAKY I using BP about 4 days. I using only 1/4 my finger. Before it i wash my face with liqud ho have alchohol.. is it bad? After it I apply BP and after BP moistuzer.... I do everythink who wroted on cheklist...here is photos with washed face Thans for help