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  1. I eat very healthy, lots of veg, fruit, white meat, fish, porridge, water. Very little in the way of dairy, fizzy drinks, alcohol, wheat. I still have acne so I really don't think saying that eating healthy will definitely help you. It is just everyones skin type. Sorry to disappoint you x Boots absorbing sheets I was talking about are 'skin clear' and very cheap. A lot of the time you can pick up 3 for the price of 2! x
  2. yeah, i use the oil absorbing sheets, but i wanted to find an alternative. the sheets are really expensive =/ have you tried boots own ones? can't remember the name of them but it is their own brand for clear skin. not too expensive and I like. helps for a bit anyhow x
  3. Unfortunately not and I am in the same position as you. Lots of cluttered whiteheads that 9 times out of 10 turn into painful lumps. Hope somebody can help x
  4. so odd. I came across your post but wasn't in fact looking for this topic. Only last night I popped a spot. Well, not sure what to call it actually. It had been there months and popped twice previous. There was no head on it but what looked like a tiny opening. It was slightly sore to touch but I thought bugger it. I am going for it. I gave it a squeeze and it popped pretty much straight away. Got a little bit of poison and then without even squeezing further, a lot of blood. It kept comi
  5. God I wish I had your attitude of 'who cares'. Unfortunately I don't and it really gets me down. I confine myself to my bedroom so nobody can see. Don't even like my hubby seeing or looking at myself. I have to wear makeup even when I am in on my own! It is ridiculous. Good on you x
  6. Ages since I've posted on here. Unfortunately nothing changed for me. I seen a dermatologist for a nodule, got injected and it has caused a slight scar. My skin has gone through ups and downs. Never brilliant though. I am going through a really crap time just now. Massive red lumps everywhere and whiteheads. I will be 38 next year. I can't believe I still have acne. Why why why did I have to get adult acne. Not only does it make me depressed, ill, sick, but makes me feel vain, makes me
  7. Hi again Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you have no more bumps on route. How long are you going to need to wear your bandage? Are you still in pain or has that eased completely now? My lump is gone and amazingly flat. I honestly can't believe it. It started to die down within a day or so but I still felt it under the skin but now I can't. I am just amazed and excited that something can work that quick. I still have a kind of red / brownish mark but who cares. No pain and no unsightl
  8. Hey there UK Lady It would have been amazing you're right. It was a two month waiting list for NHS so I went private. Luckily I have private medical through work which I forgot about. As long as I'm referred by my gp I'm covered. Lump is down a little. Other people noticed more than me oddly enough but perhaps that is because I can still feel what is underneath where as they can only see. Or perhaps I expected too much, after all I only got it done yesterday and I must admit the first thing
  9. Hi there Well today was my first visit to the dermatologist. He said that this type of acne is very rare? He also said that it'd be unlikely any medication would work with it and said the best option would be a treatment of steroid injection, which I got. Bloody sore. He gave me an injection for anasthetic but nowt happened and I am yet to feel that! Anyhow, the colour seems to have died down a bit but not sure I see any movement in size yet. He did say it could take a few days. I've to go
  10. Thanks all. Picked myself up a bit for now. Made myself go to work today and prrobbly the initial going in was the worst bit. Made myself go and speak to people and look them in the eye instead of hiding in my office all day and covering my face with my hair. Yes, there was still a bit of that but not as much as in the past. I'm sure that my level of confidence will fluctuate again but all I can say is today wasn't as bad as expected so that is a positive. Still think some people found it hr
  11. Lumpy D


    I've had it. I can't look at myself in the mirror without wanting to smash it and pull my hair out. I won't go out and it is gorgeous outside. I don't think I can force myself to go to work anymore. My hair is a mess but I won't go to the hairdresser (not been cut in a year and badly needs it). My eyebrows need waxed but I won't go to the beautician. I can't be arsed to get dressed, brush my hair, brush my teeth or basically make any effort at all. I honestly think if it weren't for my husb
  12. Hey there UK Lady Thinking of you. Just to let you know you aren't alone. I had a massive lump come up Tuesday. I can't believe how quick it came up and how big, red and painful it has got. This just sucks doesn't it. I know this won't help long term but have you put an ice pack or similar on just to try and calm the pain a bit. That is what I had to do the other night when I couldn't sleep because of the pain. Didn't make it go away but helped a little. Take Care x
  13. Hiya Well would you believe my GP said he was more than happy to refer me to a dermatologist. Surprisingly didn't even have to ask. Happy about this but for some strange reason depressed too. Have another massive lump come up that is redder than red and as big as a golf ball and extremely painful. Can't stop bubbling today. Should be happy now I have referral and I am but at the same time for some strange reason it is now an acknowledgement that I do have a skin problem and it is very very re
  14. UK Lady Thank you so much for the link. I'll defo be lkg into that You're an angel.
  15. Hi Smooth Criminal Thanks for this. I'll give it a go. I've read a lot about this cetaphil so perhaps worth a try. I started using a new moisturiser a couple of wks ago so i guess it is only fair to use it for a while to see what happens. If this doesn't work then cetaphil next on list. My doc sounds similar to yours. 'Mild to moderate acne other people are worse!' I'm not saying they aren't and I hope they cope better than I but that doesn't make it any less painful or embarrasing for me