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  1. maybe you re right but I ve tried tons of mineral brands just didint work for me Actually I had a clear skin after my treatment just left with some scars so this was why I started using minerals... because I thought they wouldnt give me back my acne and would be enough for my cleared up skin huge money and time waste they looked horrible on my skin plus gave my acne back there were no difference sadly... It was because of the brush application maybe I dont know but I dont believe that miner
  2. I have been looking for a summer time lightweight foundation for some time... Foundation part is important for me even though I think Im developing skin issues because of it I just cant live with it I have to look good 6 days of the week because of my job so I cant even think going out bare face I try to use the makeup has minimum and safe ingredients as possible and I think some of you can understand me I feel so helpless... by the way... I checked the tones of foundations ingredients and
  3. thanx for ideas leighbrack2 I really interested in what you've said... I always try to pay attention ingredients but as you say I dont know what they mean usually.. I just try to choose the products that are oil,talc and bismuth free... but finding one isnt that easy you know... I ve tried to mix minerals with moustrizer but again it didnt work for me I have kinda weird skin, nothing holds up, just smudges and disseappears a couple of hours later... I use LRP effaclar for cleaning my skin, it s
  4. heeey I was like you ... I am always insecure about my skin and loath my fate all the time... I never used to let my boy see me without makeup for 3 years but last month we were together in a hot really really humid day... ın th morning I put my makeup on and went to see him but the weather was awful, because of excessive humid my makeup smudge and slowly dissappeared and guess what? I was looking like a zombie so I went to bathroom and washed my face, my makeup bag wasnt with me so I couldn
  5. hi guys, I am looking forward for a lightweight foundation for my oily and blemish skin. I need it for daily use so it shouldnt be a heavy one, it should be non-comodegenic and lightweight... I cant use mineral and powder foundations because of dehydrated skin issue so I think a liquid one... I ve tried some ... Ive use dior nude,it was kinda good but no good color selection,lightest shade was sooo pink on me, Glo minerals liquid- it broke me out horribly because its not oil-free Bourjois h
  6. hi , Im really interested in this mineral makeup thing, I ve tried kt naturals, everyday minerals,bella pierre,BE, and so many other brands that I dont remember now. But none of them worked for me I ve got really oily skin but dehyrated and acne prone. mineral make up just dissappears from my face 3 hours later and looks flaky especially on my forehead so I thought maybe their loose powder form causes this and now Im looking for liquid mineral ones that doesnt contain talc ,bismuth or other h
  7. hi ladies and gentlemen! I just wanna know if you heard about that powder. I ve been suffering from acne for years and unfortunately I have to make up generally on my daily routine but I couldnt find a good powder or foundation that doesnt make me broke out , cover well and control shine. I ve tried mineral ones also but because of the brush application it also causes me break out cuz my skin is so sensitive and reacts against to make up brushes. So yesterday the girl in the pharmacy recommend