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  1. umm.. Why the hell are we talking about eggs?!??? I don't even know what to say.. sigh. Take care guys.
  2. Maldition, Los mismos doctores no saben porque trabaja el hydrogel. Pero claro, llenar algo con un gel.. y creer que eso pudra resolver todo... Parace como un milagro. Vamos a ver que salra de esto.
  3. Best Advice: Do nothing. You gonna do more damage and then you'll really get depressed. Wait for a scar cure don't waste your time on these.. 'Treatments'. On the same boat.
  4. Stay away from lasers and dermarollers, that is all. I'm not gonna write a paragraph detailing why, so just look up my posts or something.
  5. Well there really isn't much to my username selection, I don't think I even knew much about renovo at the time, I just thought it was a fitting name. The hot topic when I came around was fixing scars with stem cells. I was pretty much against that, especially with the price tag it carried. But basically every treatment that was gaining popularity I was almost always against and I used to call people out on it, so I guess I was sort of a controversial figure around here. But we are here now and n
  6. Umm.. Yeah lol, I was talking about scientific papers in general.. not any particular one. If any of you believe that this hydrogel is real.. I can assume that you are jumping around in joy that your troubles are soon coming to an end. But I'm pretty sure none of you are doing that because you know that it is probably more likely that it doesn't work. But I am hopeful..
  7. A scientific paper is just a report of findings that were derived through research or experimentation. Based on these results the author may also make conclusions and/ or forecast future findings. Now.. for the results to be considered valid or factual, it will have to go through rigorous peer review from unbiased parties and experiments must be fully replicated time and time again to provide assureness that the findings were not the result of a glitch. The researchers must disclose the methods
  8. These people use these words sooo loosely. I remember when there were these debates regarding "scarless" and "scar-free" healing... These doctors probably don't have the slightest clue that some consider it two different things. In fact, that dispute probably only existed in these forums. If they see anything that remotely resembles something fully healing, they'll immediately tag it as complete regeneration. They are not mathematicians who carefully construct definitions or statements, so d
  9. "Saviour"... That's a bit of a stretch, just chill, you don't wanna get overly optimistic. You know what happened to guy who got overrly optmistic right..? ...... He died
  10. Is that what you guys think is severe scarring.. Lol. I guess I don't belong on this side of the forums.
  11. liquid ocelots.. Lol don't bother with him. Anyways I want to know more about this hydrogel stuff, any good papers to read? Btw where is the literature on the 21 days mark? I've read quite alot about scars, and I don't think I've ever came across that number. How would one prove that.. even if its just anecdotal evidence, you would've had to achieve scar free healing in that period to make that claim. Links
  12. It's not going to do anything. These mechanical treatments don't target the source of the problem, they just further mess with your skin in the hope that it will randomly give you something that looks more acceptable, but inside it just fucks your shit up further.
  13. You guys seem pretty optimistic about this hydrogel stuff, or at least seabs.. well actually he's always optimistic. But regardless, have you guys seen any legit before and afters, which comfirms their claims? If so.. link please Still am rather skeptical of things. If they have trully witnessed the reported results, wouldn't this progression be through the roof by now? Or is it already and I am just late to the party like always.
  14. Lol, the narator is like "Billions of dollars have been spent.. , but the return on that investment is yet to be fully realized." Cool stuff though.