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  1. It is pretty cool huh. Still ways away though so we shouldn’t put all our emotional eggs in the vert basket, anything can happen. Just remember to judge each study objectively and not think that just cause every past scar treatment research failed that this one will too, they’re all independent events. In all my time researching this topic, I think this is the first time that a true candidate has appeared, and is gaining traction. Regardless of whether it fails or succeeds, it’s a pret
  2. Hey.. where are you getting that the status of the pig study is in peer review.. Anyways, I guess I’m obligated to tell you.. don’t do it.. but hey.. If I had the means I would try it on myself too, I get it. This shit has been in use for decades, doubt there will be much of an adverse effect, but like with anything you never know. Definitely probably a good idea to wait for pig trials though, and the documented approach there would be much closer to how it would apply to humans.
  3. I think most people here would consider a treatment that achieves your skin as an unreasonably high expectation. Don’t mess around. Accutane is for serious widespread cystic acne, and it can fuck your skin up, among other things. The only useful use case for lasers I’ve came across is to remove hair follicles. Enjoy life.
  4. Cool stuff. I guess it seems like.. the verteporfin research spawned different teams.. One with FAKI. In which he says the only thing not fully regenerating is the hair. (Which most of us don’t give a **** about). And the other team is working with verteporfin.. if there even is such a group, haven’t heard any word from that side since their original research was published. From a profit perspective, verteporfin doesn’t make much sense to pursue, I’m not sure how patentable t
  5. Stem cell held a lot of promise some time ago. It may realize a bigger potential some day. One of the issues for me with scarless healing is discounting it as an engineering problem, and instead having this strong reliance on the hypothesis that flipping gene switches will achieve the perfect skin. Maybe like any fabric we encounter, once skin is out of the factory all we can do is patch work, maybe it’s too big of a problem to solve by trying to play god and finding the right gene switchin
  6. Dude.. lol. Are you trolling.. Anyways.. I don’t know why the hell we are talking about lasers and micro coring, they’re hacks that try to improve skin appearance, they’re not in the category of scarless healing. If anything we can bring up sunogel, and talk about how that was kinda of a failure ergo don’t get your hopes about verteporfin, as they both try to achieve a similar thing. Otherwise, everyone relax, things will come when they come, we are not in any position of influenc
  7. Lmao. I like your thinking, and a valid point I suppose lol. On a side note.. I really hope that the research done on FAK is just a branch that spawned out of verteporfin research vs being the result of it. This paper makes it seem like we’re going back into research mode instead of validation of verteporfin efficacy. Other than that, the results are pretty good. The size of those wounds are gigantic it seems, like the size of one whole cheek in humans. But for the excision appro
  8. I think there’s a general consensus in the field that if any method claiming to regenerate skin doesn’t involve the removal of the damaged skin, then regeneration will not be achieved. Which also happens to be one of the skepticisms around elastagen. The only method for scarless healing in this scenario would be for scarred skin to undergo a metamorphosis to normal skin. But no such method exists and it’s probably a harder problem to tackle than scarless healing. (Though there is a paper pu
  9. I mean it’s right on their front page.
  10. As far as existing scars and verteporfin goes, I really don’t see much reason why it wouldn’t work. Wounds treated with verteporfin heals without scars. That’s the statement right? So just create a wound. How to create a wound? Well yeah you could just excise the scar, stitch together, and add verteporfin, but that’s kinda lame. Sunogel had a bunch of illustrations on how you cut off the existing scar and deploy hydrogel, and bam scarless healing. You can do the same thing ex
  11. Like I said before, the hair loss community is more on top of this than we are lol. The term ‘reduced scarring’ is most likely used for liability purposes, they can’t call it scarless healing.. that would be promising too much lol. On a side note, a few people now have personally asked me when I thought scarless healing would come, I’ll just give my two cents here.. Around 10 years ago I put a timeline of around 35 years, and proceeded to stop visiting these forums. My biggest issue wa
  12. Rofl. I think aside from hope, pessimism is also eternal in this forum lol. Anyways, elastagen is like.. it’s not gonna get rid of scar tissue.. whateves, I don’t wanna get into that lol. On the verteporfin side of things, there were some research articles published looking into why verteporfin works, but other than that it’s really the hair loss community that is jumping on the verteporfin bandwagon.. (more so than the downers on this thread lol). Some guy put a YouTube video, wi
  13. Hey guys, I’ve been on vacation for the past few weeks, I would recommend everyone first and foremost to try to enjoy life, regardless of whether a cure comes or not you will not recover these days of your life. If you insist on crying and staying home, at least try to learn new skills, maybe a musical instrument or learn to code, so that you’re enriching yourself in other ways. Anyways, it looks like there’s a follow up publication to the Longaker led research. I’ll try to get a ho
  14. Yeah I was reading more and more about this stuff. Haven’t had time to post anything, but it is seriously frustrating to see the lack of coverage and enthusiasm. The discovery that Longaker and his team made really wasn’t about verteporfin, it was about YAP and Engrailed-1, and there’s papers dating back a few years. From what I remember they already had mice that were bred with inhibited YAP and produced regeneration, the trick was finding a way to deliver those results to a normal mouse.
  15. Yeah there isn’t much news, but that’s partially because there were so many articles about regeneration and premature assumptions that not many comprehend just how different this is. Anyways it’s only been a month since the news broke out. So.. pigs maybe I would say end of summer for any research to be published. If that comes out positive enough.. that would be insane. You can always email his Stanford address. Don’t know if he’ll entertain you though. [email protected]