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  1. Yeah I was reading more and more about this stuff. Haven’t had time to post anything, but it is seriously frustrating to see the lack of coverage and enthusiasm. The discovery that Longaker and his team made really wasn’t about verteporfin, it was about YAP and Engrailed-1, and there’s papers dating back a few years. From what I remember they already had mice that were bred with inhibited YAP and produced regeneration, the trick was finding a way to deliver those results to a normal mouse.
  2. Yeah there isn’t much news, but that’s partially because there were so many articles about regeneration and premature assumptions that not many comprehend just how different this is. Anyways it’s only been a month since the news broke out. So.. pigs maybe I would say end of summer for any research to be published. If that comes out positive enough.. that would be insane. You can always email his Stanford address. Don’t know if he’ll entertain you though. [email protected]
  3. Definitely don’t kill the hype. But I feel like I’ve contributed enough to hyping it up in these forum, so I also need to bring it back to earth a bit. If everything goes well, this discovery stands to disrupt the entire scar revision market. As I’ve said previously, there hasn’t been a single item in my time of studying and observing the different scar treatments, that even remotely rival what this drug is proposing to deliver. Dr. Longaker is pretty reputable in his field,
  4. From what I remember the tests on pigs were something along the lines of.. ‘significantly less scarring’. A far cry from the words that initially blew me away, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘looked exactly like normal skin under a microscope, and even an AI program couldn’t detect the difference.’ Now, my single concern is that the skin of Mice are already far less tighter than ours, so they by default would have less scarring than human skin, considering the hypothesis that mechanical tension
  5. That morning swelling does wonders! But yeah you’re not unique in that, most of us have it. It’s a morning gift from god, and when you get it the rest of your day goes smooth. Provided you avoid mirrors the rest of the day.
  6. Elastagen I would say is a few years away. Being a novel product, it really would take a while. But I’ve criticized it before and still haven’t seen a single before and after. The verteporfin drug is basically right there for the taking, I would argue it will come before elastagen. But it is kinda spot treatment, excising a few scars here and there. If your face is totally busted you would have to treat your yourself for a while. But if promise is shown in early trials, I feel like some doc
  7. I’ve been following it for about as long as well. I’ve never gotten excited about anything presented here. But past events don’t dictate future ones. Trump in all his wisdom decided to defund the agency responsible for tracking potential pandemics back in 2018. His reasoning.. ‘nothing ever happens’. That is the wrong approach to things regardless of whether you’re continuously right. Each treatment presented should be examined as a stand alone solution, and then based on findings
  8. I would say that everyone’s body reacts differently. I am sure some people have achieved positive results with it, maybe it’s just what your skin needed. But what is true about these lasers is that it doesn’t tackle the issue of scars, it’s an engineering healing trick that relies on a specific response from your body. From seeing various people going through the process, the most common reaction is that the body simply treats the procedure as an inconvenience and heals the damage done
  9. Lol Miro, I like your style. In music we have this unlearnable gift called Perfect Pitch, and there’s always someone who claims they’ve learnt it as an adult. Until they’re put on trial and admit, well it doesn’t always work. Not saying that this is the case with this lol, but it’s true there are very few validated results that I’ve seen where the difference is night and day. Also gotto be careful with swelling, she will lie to you.
  10. This New York Times article about the Stanford research is interesting. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/22/health/surgery-scar.html Especially the statements at the end where he talks about the fate of existing scars. Also another doctor’s doubt that other doctors will even wait for FDA approval to use it. I don’t think we’ve ever had anything so within reach.. provided that it works of course. Dr. Longaker remembers the moment. “Holy guacamole,” he said. The he
  11. It is a tad expensive but luckily money is not an issue for me. Honestly if there’s a barn owner here, I’ll sponsor a dosage of this drug if you can inject it into your pig..
  12. An interesting past couple of weeks. Mayo Clinic preclinical discovery triggers wound healing, skin regeneration – Mayo Clinic News Network Research paper v11p6616.pdf (thno.org) Now this one seems to be a bit more.. iffy. But it does say it restored normal skin architecture with all the bells and whistles, (hair, sweat glands etc), and looks like it was achieved in more than one kind of animal. It also looks like they are ready to start clinical trials. It does app
  13. One girl at work has it pretty bad. But she did an allergy test for various things, and she appears to be allergic to grains. She cut it out of her diet and her acne has been quite noticeably clearer. This is an avenue you can pursue if you haven’t already. What you consume has a lot to contribute to this. It’s been documented that people who live in tribes and isolation, don’t suffer from acne (of course there could be exceptions), but by in large no. You can conclude that the major
  14. Here’s the research paper. https://drive.google.com/file/d/148KushWO1rAZj_zixgkhiabyBMPascAi/view?usp=drivesdk
  15. I will grant that this definitely falls into the category of too good to be true. The only thing that makes me curious about it, despite that fact, is that it seems to be removed from the forces of greed. Different companies will put out teaser findings to attract investors, and then at the end nothing materializes. This seems to have a different motivation, more of an academic pursuit, and the researchers will probably be more than happy to just have their name associated with the dis