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  1. There is plenty of fish in the sea. However, the sea level is rising and overfishing is an increasing problem. Soon it will be harder than ever to get a fish. Act fast and put your bait out.
  2. In time people will live long enough to be 200 years old. Using simple mathmatics, about 50 is the new 20 and 30 is now the old 65. I'll have a nice day, thanks.
  3. That's all that matters

  4. thanks, you sure are a nice fella, Taymes. :]

  5. When the fire has consumed all the planets natural resources, the virus of human activity rids all the life out of society, the world will be in ruins. But we shall still have ice cream and we shall be free.

  6. The rhythm you have brought to this place echos in delight. You, sir, are a GOD.

  7. Thanks bro. I am not an employee of Dans. The only people i work for are the guys and gals here fighting the perils of acne.
  8. Yeah it was awesome. I think there is a hint in it which is supposed to give me a message in my life. Like i should join the air force or something or buy more of Dans delicious regimen.
  9. You have to feel the powah, LIFE can be VERY HARD but prevailing winds bring HAPPINESS
  10. haha, sorry i worded that badly, it isnt proper research, i look into a lot of science (chem mainly) and the whole reason why everything exists has just intriged me atm.

  11. hey man, i was looking at your new thread and i was wondering, what is your field of research? i'm curious because i'm a religious studies major at school

  12. I was flying and i was feeling amazing, but then giant human sized acne on the ground was being popped and the blackheads which were the size of beach balls were trying to shoot me out of the sky. I realized i was only there to bomb them, like in the old war movies, so i deployed the regimen onto them and freed the people on the ground being terrorized by the acne. It was quite a good laugh now that i think about it, but at the time it was very odd.
  13. I remind them the time lapse into thee mind of pity. Travel deep within and relize the powah you have bestowed unto him. My sorrow is matched by the force of regret which defies logic in all but the longest of tragic spectrums.