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  1. £100 for a consult... what a scam. Reason enough for me not to see him.
  2. Does it really matter (for you)? You just said yourself that you can't even see your scars unless they're under the light and at certain angles. Why would you even want to bother improving them if that's the case? Just be glad that you don't have bad scars and go on with your life. If you can't even see your scars unless they're under "certain angles and close up", then what the hell man, doesn't that answer your own question?... Well Chris, it really bothers me. When I see my skin in the c
  3. But can relatively shallow scarring be completely removed? My scars aren't very deep, it's hard to see the indentation at all, unless under certain angles close up. However you do see the shadows, or just a different color of skin. So... % improvement won't really do much if it can't erase the scarringtissue?
  4. The question to me is... what is 95% improvement really? You will still be left with a face full a scars, but they will be more shallow? Or will they actually decrease in size? I dont get it really. I don't see how "improvement" is gonna satisfy me. Even if my scarring will become more shallow, it's still there for everyone to see?
  5. Hey Leo, nice to see you are getting improvement! Those pics don't really help though, take them in harsh lighting
  6. Isnt this scarring too shallow for subcision? Doesn't look very deep and its still redmarked.
  7. Everyone ALWAYS assumes that when people don't post results. However, his scarring was so severe I doubt one treatment would do the trick for him. I too fear the results subsided but I hope he can prove me wrong!
  8. so, for acne scarring, if you don't have much initial result within the first few weeks, you shouldn't expect much improvement in the next 6 months?
  9. I really wonder how you can have such dramatic results after a few weeks. The science behind the entire laser theory is that it damages the skin and new collagen will start to build. However, this new collagen production won't start untill like 6 weeks and results from this won't be seen untill 3 months. So basically, initial results after the treatment are just from the dead skin layer that peeled off and swelling. Shouldnt the skin return to its old state after a month and then start looking
  10. usacc, how do you know if you suffer from "fat loss" due to scarring? I mean, every scar is indented, some more than others. Isn't atrophic scarring always paired with "fat loss"?
  11. Hey I was wondering.. what kind of supplements are you talking about?
  12. Are you sure it's mainly supplements? Fish has alot of omega3 fats which should have the same effect?
  13. Don't give people false hope if you have no idea about it or experience with it.. from 3 days ago;