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  1. For the past 8 years, i don't have clear skin even for one day... i tried different medicines but none of them worked for me... before 4 months i visited this acne.org and heard that Dan's regimen worked for lots of peoples, so planned to try the regimen, even though it worked somewhat but my skin get very worse because of redness, peeling... so i give up the regimen... then again i started searching internet "how to get rid of acne"... At last i found my own way to get rid of acne and it work
  2. good diet is the best... but it is very difficult to maintain good diet.. i daily evening take 2 apples, grapes, lime juice, sometimes coconut water... these are very great for acne... but if i do this daily i get cold and fever... so maintaing a good diet is very difficult,, i want to search someother way to get rid of my acne.
  3. i am applying very small amount of BP on non-acne area and i am applying moisturizer... when i look closer i see lots of cracks..
  4. i am doing Dan regimen for past 3 months and maintaining a good diet... now my have less acne... but sometime i get lots when i eat too much of oily food... and also my skin is too dry, reddish, and when see closer my skin seems cracked and it is peeling off... and also i have 100's of body acne... i can't follow Dan's regimen on body acne... so Dan regimen is working somewhat... if my skin becomes too bad, then i may stop dan's regimen... If i stop Dan regimen then there is no other go.. the
  5. i went to dermatologist for my face and body acne... he gave me some cream and medicines which are somewhat costly... and he says that it will take 6 months to completely get rid of acne... now my doubt is.. 1. Do those creams and medicines really work ?? 2. If it work and if i discontinue the medicine... do i get acne back ?? Thank you ashok
  6. thanks for the reply,,, i too heard that honey works good, but i did not used because peoples says that honey will change the color of hair to white.. is this real ??
  7. ok thanks,,,one more doubt,,, now i have acne then and there, can i apply large amount of BP over the acne area and small amount of BP over the non acne area... is this good ???
  8. sorry my question is wrong,, i am applying more moisturizer than BP,,, is this good
  9. I am applying 2.5% benzoyl peroxide,,, it makes my skin red, so i am applying more moisturizer than Benzoyl peroxide, is this good ??
  10. i too heard that vitamin e causes acne,, so i am not applying vitamin e since i have some breakouts,,.. thanks for your reply,, can u please suggest me a good exfoliater for my problem,, currently i am applying lemon juice daily on my back and my MOM says that scars are getting reduced.. i too went to derm, he suggested some products but i am not using those since those are costly...
  11. First take a look at my picture,, my body is worst with acne,, and lots of acne scars... i was continuously using the Neutrogena body clean body wash, applying lemon juice all over the body and strong diet,,, now i got rid of most of the acne,, but still there are some small breakouts then and there... now my problems is red marks and scars caused after acne,, after acne gone,,, it creates red marks, then after some days the red mark becomes brown,,,, how to get rid of these ?? please help
  12. i just got cleared for past 3 weeks,,,
  13. First have a look at my gallery http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...&img=40361,, i have lots of dark brown scars all over my body,,, i have planned to go with some treatments,, but don't know what to choose... i heard that microderm, chemical peel and laser are effective, but i don't know about anything... what works best for my scars,, what is the cheap and best,, please advice
  14. Same here,, my back is full of dark acne scars and red marks,, (check out my album),, i too had acne, but Neutrogena body clean body wash work great on that,, now it is completely cleared up,, now the only problem with me is dark acne scars,, here is what i am doing... i am applying cucumber + lemon juice all over my body daily... i am massaging by body with olive oil ( only saturday and sunday, i can't do this in other days because i am a college student )... i don't know weather this work
  15. these marks are because of Acne,, now acnes are completely cleared up,, only red and brown marks,, i don't like derm, they are only concentrating on my money,,