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  1. I assume you're in the U.S.? I would strongly encourage you to try to get some sort of insurance before you pursue accutane. The costs of it, even the generics, are pretty prohibitive if you aren't insured. Several hundred dollars a month for the pills themselves, plus monthly dermatologists visits and blood work, which must be done in a lab. Also, if you are female and sexually active you will need to be on some sort of hormonal birth control. I know how disappointing that all probably is to
  2. Day 9 ...I always seem to update this thing late at night, when no one is around to read it. Sigh. Such is the price of leading such a thrilling and important existence as I do, I guess (case in point: for the last 3 days I have been laying on the floor of my parents house watching "Law and Order: SVU" reruns). Anyway, I'm not very motivated to update because nothing is happening. My face is in exactly the same condition as it was when I started my course. I don't feel drier, I haven't develop
  3. "never-ending pimple fountain of doom"... hahaha. You're pretty funny. I just started a couple of days before you and am also on 40mg of Claravis. I think I would have burnt my dermatologist's office down had he messed up and made me wait another month, ohh God. Just reading that sentence infuriated me. You are obviously a more patient woman than I. Anyway, hope everything goes well for you! I'll keep reading.
  4. It's called "Throwdown!" . It's definitely the most egregious example of his arrogance out there, I think. If you find him distasteful in ICA you will probably rage about this show (like me!).
  5. Day 6 Still not feeling dry or achey or anything like that. I'm a bit more tired and thirsty than usual, and I keep blowing my nose and finding little chunks of blood (gross), but otherwise I feel pretty pre-'tane normal. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up one morning (err... afternoon. Hey, it's break) and Mr. Claravis will just kick me in the face, but that hasn't happened yet. Maybe my skin is just so oily that even accutane is no match for it? Who knows.... In other news, we're almost do
  6. I just started 6 days ago, so the torture of iPledge is still fresh in my mind. It's definitely hellish. But at least you can experience the 'tane vicariously through logs and stuff... I felt like that simultaneously dulled the pain and made it so much worse. Anyway, good start to the log! I'll be watching...
  7. cool, pic. do we get to see a pic soon? Like the humor in your posts. lol

    1. Day 4 Still no side effects to speak of. I'm beginning to think my accutane is faulty or something. I guess I'm thirsty quite a bit, but I'm not sure if that's my imagination or not. Right now I have a huuuuuge active on my chin that is way past that the point at which I would have normally squeezed it. It makes me mad when I look at it. Not just because it's ugly (which is is), but because it's like it's taunting me. We both know your days are numbered, giant zit. Soon accutane will bring you
    2. Day 2 Big thanks to everyone who's left kind words to me so far. I really sincerely appreciate all of your support... us spotty people have to stick together, afterall. Anyway, I guess I'm a horrible log-keeper, being as I neglected to chronicle my first damn day. Sorry for breaking your hearts, ya'll. My first day was about as exciting, 'tane-wise, as all previous non-'tane days. Despite my hopes that two hours post-pill all of my spots would shrivel up and fall off, no such luck. My lips
    3. Today is your first day! Mine too! We're accutane twins! But seriously, good luck on your course. I'll keep reading.
    4. Tomorrow is the day! Actually, technically, today is the day, since it's after midnight! T-minus 11 hours until ACNE D-DAY. Today, I was able to keep my mind off of the building excitement somewhat due to the fact that I got to move. And, oh my, it was fun. I am transferring from small university in major metropolitan area of current residence (SUIMMAOCR, for those of you who enjoy acronyms) to enormous state university in smallish capitol city of home state (also known as ESUISCCOHS). B
    5. Sooo your posts, particularly those re: milk and the creepster pharmacist, had me literally laughing outloud, prompting my boyfriend to ask me what was so funny. I told him I was reading a blog, and he asked what it was about. SHIT. I racked my brain for a clever lie, but eventually I resigned to having to tell him that I was reading something on "acne.org," which embarrassed me probably more than it should have. It's kind of stupid, but even though we live together and he has definitely seen pl
    6. Nice log so far! I'll keep watching you (but totally not in a creepy way )... I start my course on the 28th, so I'm right behind you. Hooray! Also, my boyfriend's mom just gave me a turbie twist and I have to say, despite him insisting that it's stupid, it absolutely rocks.
    7. Threeeeee days, ya'll! Oh yeah. And Merry Christmas. Whatever. Last night Santa brought me four new huge, incredibly painful cysts/nodules on my upper lip. Four, seriously. How is that even possible? Did I rub lard on my upper lip in my sleep or something? And we're not talking little bumps, we're talking huge, angry, inflamed monsters. Merry goddamn Christmas to me, I guess. Lots of other stuff going on right now, but I don't feel like writing about it. So... that's that.
    8. 18 more days! To everyone who keeps telling me "don't worry, the time will fly": you are all liars! Right now I'm in the middle of a finals-related stress meltdown. I took a physics class this semester to fulfill a gen. ed. requirement, which feels like a sick joke to a political science major. I've always seen myself as a pretty intelligent person, but this class has definitely given me a taste of what it must feel like to be really stupid. It's jarring to sit in a room for an hour and not und