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  1. What happens to the bleach cream which contains Hydroquinone after it expires?? is it still effective or do i need to throw it away?
  2. NO KIDDING! IM allergic to crabs.. thats what i ate before i got sick and all of this commotion broke lose! stupid sushi it was good though
  3. Yeah sometimes my skin is like that half the month its good and the other half im usually having the worst breakout and then treating it for the rest of the month. Hah maybe you should it would be a good thing to do
  4. Oh then i think its worth a mention to your derm , i was prescribed ziana gel and a benzoyl 4% creamy wash not to long ago like 3 weeks almost to be exact, it has really help die down my active acne, like i had a horrible breakout during my thanksgiving break like 12-15 active acne or more and now not only did it shrink my cyst it also took care like half of my acne now i will say i have 6-7 lingering but i could def handle it and not to jinx it but in 3 days i never had a new zit just really ho
  5. Today i feel so down since it was the first day of school after thanksgiving break and didn't want it to be over yet but hey a day in school will still come no matter what, for now my forhead is now clear since i had that 2 bad acne combo over the break but now it has cleared up kinda happy bout it, left cheek the use to be cyst has really die down to just a regular zit my right cheek now i could tell about 4-5 active acne but what really got me soo down was the red marks although i know it has
  6. Ohh, no wonder i look awful under those lights. I know your suggesting for oral antibiotics or what not. but i would like to ask have you tried ziana gel?
  7. Your welcome , yeah but for us guys we just get it like within a week but i def. agree its worth a wait amen to that but i guess its part of life. and im really curious is the fluorescent light the long lights?
  8. Yeah should have been a senior if it werent for my algebra but oh well god has plans for everything, its all good though and good luck on accutane guys i'm pretty sure it has helped alot of people and will definitely help you guys 2 just be patient and always stay positive acne sucks!
  9. No big, no i wouldn't care because i think its not that bad no lol as i was saying the teacher that i had for algebra isn't that good at explaining things since he doesn't speak english(well either that or i wasn't really listening) haha I love basic math but algebra is a no no for me.
  10. You look fine period. I can assure you there would be something waiting for you in the future and acne if taken care properly will just go away hopefully forever. Nice proud of you guys being seniors unlike me had to repeat 9th grade cause of algebra can you blame me the teacher can hardly speak english :(
  11. Are you sure that its a whitehead not a cheese left over from last nights dinner? jk. Hah if you think about it, it sounds nasty but funny at the same time hah
  12. Sorry if im being nosy but i just gotta compliment and say you look fine dont worry much about it, im sure once you see your derm he/she will find something to really benefit you :) One last thing so you guys are seniors? or juniors in highschool?
  13. Hah reminds me of my History teacher, gave me detention for something i didn't do so got a floor jack switch his car into a parallel position and took a picture of it put it on my friends myspace who later on got introuble for it back to the thread i think lyssa has a point although i understand you wanting to stand up for yourself i would just ignore her and do something that will not get me introuble later on like spread rumors jkjk
  14. Not only does cum makes your skin smooth it also whitens your teeth.. Hah hero on the one who said dan is sending us cum on tubes got me really wondering what is his special ingredient that works while others doesn't
  15. Few months back i put Vita K for my the red marks left by acne and apparently put a whole lot of it on my face and didnt rub it in quite well, and went to back to school night since some of my friends decided to make fun of each other and one of my good friends said "hey j you forgot to wipe the jizz mark your dad left on your face" pretty embarassing cause not only was my dad in the room(thank god he never heard what my friend said) and once he turned around to talk to me he then said "wipe tha