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  1. My face, especially around my nose, is super-oily (as in, if I run out of Pam spray or vegetable oil, I could grease a pan with my face) and as a result, very shiny. Even after washing my face, when my skin doesn't feel oily yet at all, my skin has a pretty ridiculous shine to it. I've tried oil blotting sheets (oily again in 15 minutes, and they do nothing for shine), powders (same) and supposedly 'oil-control' lotions/moisturizers (no effect). I drink plenty of water, and nothing else, and
  2. I have had a similar experience, and it is SO frustrating. It seems ridiculous to me that doctors don't see the damage something like acne does to a person's mind, and how they live their life. Like you said, it's pretty easy for them to write it off when they're standing there with clear skin. Several years ago, in my early 20s, my acne started getting worse. I live in a small town where there is only one derm, so I went to him. He gave me several creams, but my acne still got worse, an
  3. i don't think i've ever thought my acne was better than it was, but i definitely have times when i focus on it too much and begin to think it's much worse than it is. when my acne was really bad (it's mostly cleared up now), i would stand in front of the mirror for extended periods--several times a day--just looking at my face. i think i wanted to be convinced that it was better than it was, but the mirror said otherwise. after a few days of really scrutinizing my skin, i would feel like it w
  4. thanks for the input treefase93...but they are not cold sores. kind of hard to describe how i know that, but they are definitely pimples or clogged pores. and you are totally right about the addiction to chapstick--wish i had known about that back when i just used it occasionally. but i can't stop using it now--the burning that results is pretty uncomfortable, and when i try to smile or move my lips, they crack and burn even worse. and thanks as well, geeking...i have tried vasoline here a
  5. I have been doing something similar to the regimen for about 6 months, and I've been about 98% clear for the past 3 months or so. My regimen works beautifully in all other areas of my face, but I continue to break out at the edges of my lips. I have a bunch of little bumps--some red, some flesh-colored--along my lipline, and eventually they all develop into active pimples. One of the bumps in particular has been there for the last 4 months, during which it became an active pimple 3 or 4 times
  6. Hi everyone. I've been on my current regimen for 2.5 months now. I'll spell it out below in case anyone is interested. It was going pretty well, the breakouts have been coming less and less, my skin was smooth and soft, and I've even had days when I had no active pimples (a rarity for me). I cut out gluten from my diet starting a week ago, mostly because of lifelong digestive/stomach issues. In that time, mostly the last few days, my skin has started to break out again. A week ago I had ma
  7. I also suggest Cerave. Most moisturizers leave that oily/greasy film on my skin, but Cerave doesn't, and it moisturizes really well. I have also used the Night of Olay, around my eyes and my jawline where BP dries my skin. I have never put it on the rest of my face, because I wasn't sure if it was non-comedogenic. But I must say, it works wonderfully where I do put it--leave my skin smooth, soft, and absolutely dryness-free.
  8. Well, I am no moderator either, but the heading under 'Adult Acne' says 'discuss issues related to adult acne,' which I understand to mean, anything acne-related that is experienced by adults. IMO, dating is particularly an issue for adult acne sufferers because they (we, I should say) have been dealing with it and its effects for many years, with no sign of it going away. In other words, I can see why someone 25+ would want to get other adults' points of view on how they cope, rather than, sa
  9. Just wanted to say that I absolutely understand what you mean. I am a 26 year old girl, who for a variety of reasons is at a point in my life where I don't have that 'group of friends' or boyfriend. For about a year I have been breaking out much worse than before and have found no way to control this acne version 2.0, and most of the time I don't want to leave the house, let alone attempt to meet people. I know it shouldn't matter so much, and that not everyone is obsessed with appearances (r
  10. If it works the same as the regular kit, for me that would be almost not at all. After a month I'm not seeing much improvement at all except in certain small areas of my face. Just so I don't misunderstand your post, how much improvement have you seen with the severe kit? Did it get you clear at all? And is it super drying or irritating? Just wondering. (Trying to decide if it'd be worth trying!)
  11. I was going to ask the same question (when to stop using something that isn't working). Is a month long enough? If not, when should you throw in the towel? I have been using the AcneFree kit along with the Terminator spot treatment for just over a month now (began July 7). I have seen improvement in my forehead/temples, but the rest of my face still looks horrible. Some parts of my face have gotten clear temporarily, but after a week or so broken out terribly again. Even my forehead--which
  12. Does anyone have any experience with coffee leading to acne, or know of any relationship between the two? I had very mild acne for about 15 years, and since April or May of 2010 my face has went crazy--40 or more zits at a time, new ones appearing every day, nonstop. One thing I can think of that I have done somewhat differently in that time is drinking one or two cups of coffee every day. (Previously, I might drink a cup every now and then, but not every day.) Just wondering if this could b
  13. I would say that if what you're using is working, I'd stick with it. I tried the DKR for a while, and even 6+ months in I still saw no improvement. Plus, reading through the boards here and the reviews, it seems that the DKR can take quite a while to work even for people who get clear with it. Sounds like the Severe kit is doing pretty well after 2 weeks, so I'd try sticking with that before switching to something that could take 3 months or more! I hope it keeps working for you! On a so
  14. Again, sorry...I was just looking for the regimen users' point of view on how long bp takes to work and stop breakouts (so I started a new thread in that forum rather than bumping my other post, couldn't find a way to delete that one). Didn't realize the regimen forum is only for strict regimen users so I am screwing up all around! lol Anyway, thanks for the input. I thought that may be it, but I wasn't sure if that part of the process should be over already. Not sure if my current breako
  15. Oh ok, sorry...I put it in the regimen board because regimen users obviously know how it's done and i thought their input would be helpful. The AcneFree bp is in fact cream based, so that may be part of the problem. I don't mind it turning white so much, as long as the bp is staying in place! "don't know about Cerave, but cetaphil definitely will turn white, but you WILL notice that after all the whiteness, it clears up within a half an hour." Thanks david--come to think of it I do notice