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  1. sorry, didn't see this too.. BP went well, am now clear for a month and a half and hoping it continues. I'm hoping ur new regime will work out. TC always shanzy

    1. Day 16, Unbelievable progresses so far!! I used aloe vera from a aloe plant- bought from a grocery store's produce's section, not gel from a bottle. I have been reading on how aloe vera cures acne, inflammation, and brown spots. so I wanted to try-- it is a miracle!! I had a few bad looking red spots on my cheeks, and now it is almost gone! I have been staying in and relaxing as well, so I am sure the combination really worked well. I use aloe vera for moisturizing day and night, it keeps my
    2. Day 13 I have to admit that not popping pimples on your face is kind of hard to do, and I am guilty of doing that for the past week. first of all, forehead is already smooth, not complete clear of brown spots, but not getting break outs or any more whiteheads!!! OMG SO HAPPY! whiteheads are so hard to treat and surprisingly I DID IT WITH ACV and OCM. secondly, my cheeks look a lot worse, at least four new pimples came out--- NOT DUE TO THE REGIME. I was so stressed for the past two weeks- lac
    3. Day 10 Left Cheek Right Cheek I had three pimples on my cheeks that are gone now, they did leave noticeable marks, but it will go away soon. I am not sure if you see it in those pictures, but the texture of my skin, aside from whiteheads and brown marks, has improved and it looks healthy. ACV, TTO, JoJoBa Oil, and Caster Oil, are all must haves in anyone's regime. Smoothie of the day: Organic carrot juice, celery sticks, watermelons, green and red apples, and green grapes. Also, I drin
    4. Hello, This is what I use on top of my usual moisturizer, I was just like you- scared of sunscreens b/c it is always so thick and greasy, this is a natural, non-greasy formula. I have been using this and haven't had any break outs http://www.dermstore.com/product_Reflect+SPF+30_8749.htm
    5. Day 10 In retrospect, having acne wasn't the worst thing ever happened. What's worst is that I never learned self appreciation until I had acne, and then I realized what I had was pretty great- even though my skin will never look as youthful and smooth as it was before. Yes I still have a little whiteheads and occasional redness around my hairline, but so what?? I have learned so much about self-confidence, product information, and some biology and chemistry. I feel like I have gained a few
    6. Hey! I have been thinking of buying a aloe leaf and make organic aloe gel myself. Have you been using it as a moisturizer? If so, how is it? I have oily skin as well, i use jojoba oil and tea tree oil and they have helped so much with my overall skin's texture and oiliness. Let me know! I am really interested! Thanks
    7. Day 8. Smoothie of the day: carrot juice, watermelons, bok choy, and celery stick. it wasn't the best tasting veggie smoothie that I have had, so I had to chug it. So far, raw spinach is the best- when blended with fruit, it doesn't overcome other tastes, usually I get really good results with spinach. Two pimples have dried out on its own, and when they dry out on its own, they don't leave noticeable brown marks and usually those marks would be gone in less than a week. Those marks are even
    8. you might want to look up what other ingredients they have that are breaking you out. use this site: http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm & http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ It is just as important to be educated about skincare products as it is to acne treatment. I use all organic products, and none of the acne topical treatment stuff.
    9. I had a tube of murad spf 30 oil free lotion, and I recently looked up all the ingredients in it. OMG, it is made of the worst things possible. almost everything has paraben, and a lot of acne irritants. so expensive too, stay away!
    10. Hey, this website might help too. http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm also, it is important to keep your skin at the right pH level, it is great that you are more conscious of the ingredients, (I use all organic- no paraben, sls, synthetic color or fragrance, industrial grade preservatives- if a product contains water, it has to use some kind of preservative, organic products usually use natural preservatives) Even some organic products aren't as great as they seem. Always f
    11. I was doing exactly the same thing until I joined this blog---I had to learn it the hard way. ( i used the worst scrub ever too- apricot scrub...ugh makes me sick when I think about what I was doing to my skin then) I use all organic ingredients, and I am very cosmetics conscious, I look up EVERY ingredient and I ask companies for pH level. two good websites that i use often to help me sort through harsh irritants in ingredients. http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm http://ww
    12. -Clean and Clear's system worked for about 6 months. Things that did NOTHING or made it worse: -Johnson and Johnson Purpose with BP cream -The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil System -Netrogena's 3 Step System -Cetaphil
    13. I currently do not use any scrubs, but avoid Apricot scrubs. it is too harsh for your skin. Also, if you aren't completely clear, then don't scrub -- it will aggravate your skin even more and make it worse. I had to learn that the hard way!!! now my skin is almost clear and I have had to use a scrub in almost two months. I use one from wholefoods, it is made of honey, jojoba oil, and oatmeal.
    14. moderate.. i get whiteheads and pustules (mostly on my cheeks) Hey, I had moderate whiteheads, similar to your situation. I use ACV as a toner, it really helped with whiteheads, more than BP, I was on BP for a month but didn't do anything to my whiteheads. All organic products from shampoo-hand soap, those helped with back acne b/c my skin isn't aggravated with harsh industrial graded detergents. I use oil cleansing method more than 3x a week, morning, wipe with ACV (organic ONLY!) m