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  1. Honestly I don't want it isn't that bad or other people have it worse or anything but just look how big that scar is It looks like a birthmark but i cant pass it as it is cause 90% of my friends know me with clear not perfect skin and for anyone who says other people have it worse, does anyone here actually have one that big? You don't have to read this but i just had to post what I've been putting myself through. So I've never had acne until October and I went to the Derm and now I've been c
  2. I have the same exact problem! I have no more pimples but a HUGE scar on my cheek and I am waiting to go back to the dermatologist to see if she can help. I'd say go see one or go to this site and look up a specialist near you. http://www.acnescars.com/
  3. Ok so one week you wake up and go.... "Ok once all these cysts on my neck and chin go away my face will look so good...the other ones arent taht bad" then they go away.... "Ok once the little pimples on my cheeks go away my face will look so good...the other ones arent taht bad" then they go away.... "Ok once this one pimple go away my face will look perfect who...the marks look fine" then you have no more pimples.... "WOW these scars will never go away & it totally depressing" Ok ta
  4. Dude NEVER in my life would i read something that long but it is 90% the same story for me man. Thats probably how all acne sufferers feel but most parts like for me not even that long ago actually remember watching the proactive comercial and saying to my friend "thank god i dont have acne" and looking in the mirror and then realizing you just spent pointless minutes desperately wishing your acne was gone and how it hurts to see other people with perfect skin...it sucks. I never had acne unt
  5. I keep reading so many stories of people after they stop using antibiotics there acne comes back and sometimes worse. I'm just wondering if this is true in most cases then why do they even prescribe you them? Are there any success stories out there? Ive been on solodyn for a month and a half and I have about two pimples now at a time but they go away really fast just like ive had my whole life. But the reason i went on solodyn was because i broke out with cystic acne really bad from what i bel
  6. Ok ok I really am sorry for sounding like a bitch and my whining attitude, i'm not really like that (even though it doesnt matter cause i dont know any of you personally). I know other people have it worse and i'm just gonna have to get used to these scars for as long as i have them unfortunately. I'm just new to this and i now it will take time to get my head straight. & thanks everyone who gave me some help
  7. Thanks bro i wish people were more like you lol, & i know i am sounding like a bitch but the big red mark on my face is having serious psychological affects on me and theres nothing I can personally do to stop that. Yeah u can say oh just live life but i just cant do it.
  8. Yeah i know im being a baby its just really hard for me to go through this dude. if i had it my whole life it would be alot easier and u know thats true. I know what im about to say cant even compare to acne but its like being born blind you learn to live with it but losing your sight when your 20 your not gonnna know how to deal with it. (AGAIN i know thats a real disability im just saying)
  9. OMG like i feel like my life is ruined and i dont even know why i never had acne my whole life and all of a sudden BAM! And all of you who keep saying dont worry and stay positive how the f##k am i supposed to when i have that huge red mark on my face. god i feel like just dying
  10. it's because nobody has an answer. i've tried a bunch of different things and nothing seems to work are you asian? it looks that way from your picture. i am asian and i've had very red marks on cheeks for 5 months. it seems like forehead/nose/chin/etc. all fade in a few days to a few weeks, but cheek marks last a long long time. i've looked through a TON of posts in this forum and it seems to be a trend, red marks on asian cheeks are nigh on impossible to get rid of don't let neverfor
  11. 53 views and 2 replies thanks never and ulzzang for helping but i dont get why noone tries to give input on this site. ive left acouple posts and i see so many with no answers arent there any acne experts or something out there?
  12. So i never had acne but broke out really bad and its gone after like a month but i was with these scars they didnt seem so bad until all my acne was gone! please help what should i do and how long until they go away? im currently a month on solodyn and triaz pads and acanya gel and all my acne has been gone for like a week but i doubt my derm will hep me until like 1 or 2 more months.
  13. I just recently have been breaking out wit cystic acne on my neck and jawline around 2 months ago and i just turned 18. I used to be clear like totally wit a pimple here or there and i used to eat fast food alot and smoke (weed alot, sometimes cigs and cigars) and drink beer and only use a facewash in the shower and eat alot of sugar. Now since i keep getting cysts i dont do anything i just mentioned up there anymore and im wondering if u guys have any ideas why i started to break out soooo ba
  14. Well start by only using a cleanser once in the morning and something else at night. Dont wash more than once or ur skin will get real dry like u said Drink alot of lemon juice and go to the pharmacy and get Zinc 100 mg!
  15. What your plans were for friday night or what you were going to wear out Since October my life has been so depressing for me. I broke out in serious cystic acne and i dont even go out only sometimes at night when i know my friends arnt doing anything social. I feel so bad cause i know other people have worse problems but its so hard to go from going out everyday and people telling me in cute and shit from staying home everyday and only going to college where i commute.