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  1. Hey AKL, where do you get your supplements? Internet?
  2. I regularly eat omelettes and hard boiled eggs, so should be getting quite a bit of Vitamin E. Also eat a lot of green vegetables, mostly beans and peas and the Dutch boerenkool. Not too sure if they have it in other countries. What do you think about Huidrein? Think it might be doing some good? Will give them a cal tomorrow, am quite busy studying now. Unfortunately I can't find it for sale anywhere anymore, and I have scoured the internet. Also, what supplements are you taking and are they
  3. Hi, thank you for your replies. I heard that omega 3 is to be found in certain eggs as well, but I am not sure. Also, where will I get vitamin E from? I used to take Huidrein. Worked very well for a neighbor of mine. Realized I was nearly out and wanted to order some more, but it has either been removed as a product or is no longer available.
  4. Hey acne.org, I just found out that my regular supplement is no longer available. I was taking capsules which contained; 120 mg beerleaven 7.5 mg Zinc 5.8 mg Iron 0.1 mg vitamin H Had the idea it was working a bit, but not too much. Would still break out from time to time. Please note that I am also trying to eat as healthy as I can, and I do not eat any refined sugars. Anyway, since this supplement is no longer available, I am looking for a new one. Can anyone recommend something? I have
  5. What's the deal on cold showers anyway? Usually I shower very hot, and a cold one after that.
  6. They are quite delicious...
  7. Hey acne.org, I was just wondering if the rice wafers which I have been eating lately could in any way be affecting my acne. They contain brown rice and 0.2% sea salt. That's it. Sometimes I eat them like that, but usually I have either an egg, a slice of ham or Dutch 'sausage spread', that's the best translation I can find. Thanks in advance.
  8. Usually make an omelet (3 eggs) about 3/4 times a week. Also eat hardboiled eggs. Does not seem to break me out. Sugar does though. And at times, when I have been eating 100% healthy (meaning 2 apples a day, rice wafers, eggs, vegetables, meat or fish and potatoes) for a few weeks, I suddenly break out. Might just be age.
  9. This happens to me when I drink a bit too much. Mostly beer or vodka.
  10. Hi, sweating will actually make your skin better. I run a few miles each saturday and sunday morning, and have never had any trouble with it. Sweating makes you lose substances that are in your body that you do not need. Your body is taking out the trash, so to speak. So don't be afraid and work on your condition!
  11. Sunglasses aren't a likely cause. I wore sunglasses in the summer all the time and still my 'eyebrow zone' remained clear. Now when I stopped wearing them, it has begun.
  12. Hey everyone, Currently I have stopped eating bread, apart from the occasional white bun. Probably two for every two weeks. I have replaced the bread with rice wafers, and use eggs and ham to cover them. I have limited my fruit intake to 2 a day, usually only green apples, although I allow myself a banana or a mandarin every now and then. I have started drinking more green and rooibos tea. I have seen that whenever I only eat 2 green apples and a hot meal each day, things tend to get better. So
  13. Well, let's hope we are both in the final stages.
  14. Right, so is the Pickwick Rooibos tea qualified for this?