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  1. DAY 110 I am still surviving. A few days ago, I got into a little 'accident'. I shall not go into embarrassing details. CLUMSY CLUMSY ME! But anyway I now have a bruise on my forehead, small cuts under my eye and cuts on my nosebridge as well. HAHAHA its pretty funny but I'm slightly worried whether the marks and scars will take SUPER LONG to heal... ah well :/ HAHA I just had my period today. Was feeling kinda moody the whole day. Well hopefully its a sign of my hormones getting regular a
  2. DAY 100 Hey all! Wow I've reached the triple-digits mark! It really does seem like a long time and at the same time, a long way more to go for being on Accutane. I went to the derm last week, my derm wasn't around so they scheduled an appointment for me with another derm as a substitute since I was running out of pills. So the substitut derm gave me 2 months worth of the same dosage of 30mg/day. So skin-wise, I'm still surviving. Got two marks on my forehead and a couple on my cheeks. I get
  3. DAY 90 Hey all. I have a feeling that the breakouts were due to my period. sigh so anyway still coping with the marks and redness and a couple of ugly actives left. 1) Redness on cheeks still pretty bad 2) Left cheek: 1 active and 4 dried ones 3) Right cheek: 1 active and 4 dried ones 4) Very dry hands and arms PHOTOS: DAY 90 RIGHT DAY 90 LEFT RIGHT in sun LEFT in sun BigBuck: Thanks (:
  4. Ugh still breaking out : ((( Is it cause of my period???! Got two new actives today just in the span between when I last posted and this post : ((( So overall update: 2 actives on my left temple. 1 TERRIBLY RED MARK on my left cheek. 1 HUGE PAINFUL active one on my right temple. 1 new painful lumpy active on my right cheek. 1 SERIOUSLY RED ACTIVE on my otherwise CLEAR forehead. what the fuck!?
  5. DAY 85 1) ARGH I'm still breaking out!! Its seriously starting to piss me off. Have a gianormous one on my right temple, and two on my left. Still having a ton of red marks from the recent break outs sigh :/ 2) My lips are SPLITTING at the edges. OUCH. There is actually blood there Hope I don't look like some vampire LOL 3) Still getting cuts on my legs and hands. Really painful cause they take FOREVER to heal 4) Finally got my period! Finally I can breathe a sigh of relief phew! 5) My
  6. DAY 80 Hi guys, sorry I've been a little busy lately! Hmm anyways so here's the update 1) Since my last post, I had like 4 actives sprouting on my face. It was kind of disheartening. They have gone down significantly, however you can still feel them, the hard lump there under the skin. But anyhow, I did abstain from caffeine as well as dairy but still had that mild breakout. So I'm not really sure why I'm still breaking out... how confusing!! 2) I think my right cheek is looking much better t
  8. DAY 70 Hey all! Day 70 wow. So the 3 bright red marks on my left cheek have gone down. My skin is pretty good now I should say *touch wood*. However last night I made a terrible mistake due to my itchy fingers. I had a blackhead under my nose, right at the entrance of my nostril. Horrible place to get a blackhead. Its been there for a pretty LONG time so I decided to press it out. But the skin around it started bleeding, probably because due to accutane its become very thin and fragile. So now
  9. DAY 64 Hey one and all! So here's my skin. Currently have 3 BRIGHT RED MARKS on my left cheek They were actually 3 actives/whiteheads. They got so ripe with the white pus coming out and all. I pressed the first one and it turned into a very red mark, it was bleeding and all. The 2nd one I didnt press although it was very ripe. However I accidentally slept on it I think cause when I woke up it was a bloody purplish mess The third one, I was like 'What the heck man' So i squeezed it LOL But ye
  10. Hey! Well I may not have much of any experience but this is basically what I think. All the things you've talked about, like what he has said: "i wanna fuck you, but i have a girlfriend" "yeah i know ima bad bf." Has he admitted that he did say those exact words? Cause from what you're telling us it seems like you've heard this not directly from him. You need to hear him tell you the whole truth right from the horse's mouth. And you said: It sounds like its his tactic to always get you b
  11. Hey good to hear of your improvement with ur skin and the softness of ur skin! Wish you a very merry Xmas And a happy new year! GOOD LUCK! TAKE CARE!
  12. DAY 53 Hey guys! Just as I was starting this post it suddenly hit me: OMG I FORGOT TO TAKE MY ACCUTANE TODAY! Phew what a close shave, pretty lucky that I managed to remember! HAHHA Okay so my skin now is pretty alright. The two actives on my forehead have gone down so they're just scabs now. My cheeks are still red, its terribly notice especially under natural light! However I notice that the redness on my temples are slowly clearing! Directing this to what hopeinabottle23 said:
  13. DAY 50 Another active has just evolved from a small unnoticable patch to a painful red lump on my forehead grwah!! Skin is dry as usual, including the skin on my neck Anyway, just something 'interesting' that happened to me last night. I had to meet my friend, who lives nearby, to pick up some tee shirts I ordered from her. I've never met her for ages so she dosen't know about my acne condition. So I was walking over to her house, under the shadow of the night and using that as my protection
  14. DAY 49 Hi! Sorry for long time not updating hehe so anyway 1) Just came back from my holiday. The weather there was very dry and cold! So my face peeled alot!! even though I moisturized alot too 2) I'll have to change my log title to a 17 yr old female instead of 16 yr old because yeap my birthday just passed! 3) I'm still getting actives. Got one now right between the eyebrows :/ 4) I've broken my resolution to not pick my skin a thousand times already sigh its so hard! 5) My skin is st