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  1. I can feel a big bump coming up... (which is going to result in a big whitehead if i dont stop it) So what is the best thing to do to stop it from coming up and forming that huge whitehead??? What should i put on it overnight to stop it from coming up.... i have a date tomorrow. Plz help... Thanks
  2. Ok, so i have mildacne on my chin area right below my lower lip. Whiteheads are always popping up........ always. I have tried alot of things including tea tree oil, aloe vera, benzoil peroxide, pills from dermatologist, and many over the counter acne products. MY whiteheads are always popping up and i don't want to pop them because its not good to go that but sometimes i have to because there so big. Will somebody please direct me on what to do for my problem????? Does it have to do with my