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  1. I have both really deep blackheads on my nose, and sometimes raised blackheads around my cheeks. Dan's regimen has never cleared up the deep ones on my nose, but it definitely prevents the raised ones.
  2. Soo it's been over a year since my last update...yikes! I actually bought the 16oz products last year I think in April 2010, and now, September 2011, I have just ran out of the same products. As you can see, I wasn't using very much at all. Just an update with how my skin has been going...The regimen has kept me very happy with my skin, only an occasional bump or two, but not very often. This past month my relatively healthy diet went downhill and I ate a ton of horrible stuff, which made me b
  3. Apparrently as it turns out, AHA+ is SUPPOSED to break you out at first. Ahhh dumb me, I was ready to stop using it! It's not breaking me out anymore! It definitely exfoiliates my skin really well, I've been using it every night with a little bit of moisturizer. I just rub my skin, and my skin exfoiliates itself off, it's kind of gross haha. My skin on my cheeks is really glowy now because there's not dead skin covering it anymore. I hope I'm not over-exfoiliating, but a lot of skin comes off ev
  4. I haven't posted in ages! I honestly don't have anything too exciting to say. The regimen has been keeping me pretty consistantly clear for the last few months. My skin isnt perfect, but it definitely been keeping me satisfied. I still struggle with patchy dry skin occasionally, and acne scars stay visible a lot longer. I recently bought Dans AHA and it's breaking me out! at first I really liked it because it wa exfoilatung my skin really well, my dry/dead skin would basically rub off on it'
  5. I actually didn't wear makeup for about three weeks dring December, because I was on school break and didn't go out much. My biggest problem is that I have really bad under eye circles, and discoloration around my mouth, so I always like to wear some sort of coverage, which I know is bad for my skin! Hopefully once my skin is completely clear, I'll be good with just a little concealer
  6. I continued to wear my usual makeup (MAC concealer and powder) and it didn't seem to affect my results at all. It may not be the same for everyone though.
  7. Ah, I've been slacking on pictures and updates, I'm sorry! I'm almost two months in to the regimen now. I mentioned that I had tons of new whiteheads and zits in my last update. The whiteheads have gone, but they left scars, which never happened before the regimen. I never had acne scars, no matter how much I poked or squeezed. Now my forehead has 5-6 red scars They're easy to cover with makeup, but my skin looks bad without any. Other than the scars, I don't have any active pimples or anything
  8. Day 40-something All the whiteheads I had turned into spots/scar type things, but they're fading a bit. I have one new small whitehead on my forehead that I'm not happy about. I never know whether I should pop them or not because if I pop them they turn red and scabby, but I hate having a nasty whitehead popping out. I'm not going to be able to buy the AHA until my next acne.org order, which probabaly won't be until a month or so. I'm still not sure if this is part of the purging process, I do
  9. Is AHA a neccessary part of the regimen? I bought jojoba oil and only ended up using it a couple times, I would hate to order AHA and not use it.
  10. Yikes I have no idea what's going on but my face is turning red and burning after the regimen again. My skin feels tight and uncomfortable. I haven't changed the amount of BP so I'm confused and disappointed. I hope I'm not the type of person who only sees short term effects and then have it stop working. I can feel an underground pimple on my forehead and it doesn't seem to be reducing in size, I hope it doesn't come out. I still have spots and whiteheads on my chin, jawline and lower cheek, t
  11. Wow what a change from a few days ago! My skin has completely broken out. I have whiteheads everywhere. They're very painful. It is almost that time of the month for me so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Is it possible to be purging now even though I've been clear for almost three weeks? I hope things improve.
  12. I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly, but the actual products used in the acne.org regimen are nothing special. What's most important is how you use them. If you're using them exactly as you should be, the regimen is amazing. One thing I would say is that a lot of people have the most issues with the acne.org moisturizer being too thin so they'll switch that out, but in general the products are gentle, simple, and most importantly, effective when used correctly. I wouldn't say any are "top
  13. I was really worried my first week too. I had wrinkles near my eyes and they looked really deep when I laughed or squinted. Eventually the skin will adjust and will feel normal! I never thought my skin would actually regain it's texture, it was so patchy and dry, but it has! Good luck on the regimen!
  14. Day 30 (31?) One month in! The underground blackheads turned into raised red bumps, but those have gone away now. I'm flaking a bit on my eyebrows for some reason, but nowhere else. I don't experience redness or tightness anymore either. I haven't had the need to use the jojoba. As I said before, I'm not completely strict on the regimen, I skip sometimes and only do it 1x a day...but it's keeping me clear so that's good! I'm still using 1/2 a finger of BP. I love this regimen!
  15. So I believe it's day 23! It's been doing a great job of keeping me externally clear, but lately I have noticed that I seem to have a lot more underground blackheads near my jawline. They aren't bumpy, but discolored and when I pop them, they stay swollen for quite a bit. I really need to stop picking... Blackheads drive me crazy though haha..anyway no new whiteheads or pimples but definitely a few blackheads. Also as I said before, my skin seems a lot more sensitive, plucking my hairs on my fac