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  1. hmmmmm...while doing Jessner+TCA peel comb... is it better to start off with Jessner's and 1) 15% TCA OR 2) 25% TCA? Cuz I really need to make up my mind before buying these products from ebay... I've done quite a few glycolic (spelling) peels before.... This would be my first Jessner+TCA peel... Thanks
  2. I think I got better results from pretreating my skin. I have done a jessner/15%tca mix peel, but I didnt see results like this. I also didnt do as many layers though. You dont have to pretreat, but I read on several sites that it helps. ←
  3. WOW!!! Great to hear about your improvement!!! makes me want to try jessner peel + 15% TCA...... I have a lot of really really small and shallow scars!!! Sometimes they are not noticeable and sometimes they are noticeable.... I just have a question... DO I HAVE TO TAKE ANYTHING PRIOR TO DO DOING JESSNER+ 15% TCA MIX PEEL? Like pre-treat my skin with something a week or two before?? Or can I just go ahead and do them? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance..
  4. Hi,.... I just have two quick questions... 1) Would it be harmful/harmless if someone gets a tan and then get a tca/jessener peel a few weeks later? Would the peel be less effective? I have needle like pits for scars... would tca/jessener peel help these lil tiny scars? 2) For ontario residents......or n e 1 who might know the answer... What is the cost of having a tca (or/and) jessener peel at a derm's office? Any guesses? Thanks
  5. Nice... I think I might do the same thing.. Go to a derm and get it done professionally first and then do it on my own afterwards.... Care to share with us how much that procedure cost you? Maybe pm me the price ?? Are you in Canada/? Thanks
  6. Congrats!!! Hopefully everything works out!! As far as masterbation.....I dont think it really effects me personally... I have gone 6 months without it.. thats right... 6 months and I've had some really bad break outs... but that was several years ago.. My regimen is washing my face about 4 times a day... (twice in the shower with Dove soap... give it a good scrub and twice at night before bed with Softsoap Hand Soap...) I believe Softsoap Hand Soap has reduced the oil on my face greatly!!! Th
  7. All I know is that drinking MILK or eating yogurt makes me break out!!! That is me though...
  8. Try using the lowest % u can!!! Dont start out with 50%!! You'll really turn red!! I turned red from using the 30% one... but it was momentarily!!!
  9. Thanks alot for your reply... It really helps.. I think I might go and check those sites out and might order a 12% TCA? if that is the lowest one availabe... Also....do I put on any type of lotion or moisturizer after applying the jessner and tca peels?? to make the healing progress quicker?? Thanks again
  10. Hi... I have been reading about all types of peels for a LONG time now.... I just have a few simple questions... I have done about 5 20% salicylic acid peels and the improvement is about 15%....nothing too dramatic.... Now I am contimplating about getting jessner peel done and tca peels done at the same time... I think I still have some of my pix in the gallery... Here are my questions: 1) What percentage TCA should I start with? 12% or 15%? 2) What site can I get the TCA kit from? 3) Will Je
  11. I was just told that Artecoll might work for my scars but now that I have heard people's experiences, I am gonna stay away from it I dont know what to use as a filler. Restylane doesn't last long and Artecoll has its shares of bad experiences. I am leaning towards getting a dermabrasion or a chemical peal. Now I need to find a doctor in Ontario, preferably between london area and GTA, that will do this.