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  1. Okay i know it's not new by any means. But what the hell, So i was walking around Venice (California) and was amazed by the clarity of the population's skin. I could tell who was from around there and who was not. So I decided, eh what the hell, my skin is a train wreck anyways. Why not throw some sea salt at it so I can look like these beach folk. I currently suffer from whiteheads/inflamed acne on the sides of cheeks/jawline, chin,and top of neck, none on my nose/front of cheeks (so where fa
  2. one part water for every 8 parts of vinegar meaning, use 1 ounce of water and 8 ounces of vinegar mixed together. remember everyone's different though, i always use 100% ACV (apple cider vinegar). although most don't recommend it. good luck ;]
  3. Aww, thanks Wynne. I was getting pretty worried, but that article helped a lot. ;]
  4. alright 17 year old guy here. been drinking green tea to help with acne. not sure what effect it has had, probably good. and i drink a lot of it. A LOT. been reading up on the forums in this section, realized it was an anti-androgen.... i've been reading some articles on the dangers of this and possible side-effects, all of which frankly scare the shit out of me. I've been drinking it for a couple of years i know being an adolescent can make me have too many androgens, and this could cause acne
  5. Water polo guy here, it dries your skin out like none other in the long run. Usually when my skin is a little dry, the red marks are less noticeable, so that might be it. I really don't have much to compare it to because i've been in the pool since i've started getting acne. But what i can say is that even with daily swimming, i still get scarring, quite often. although since i've stopped using BP the scarring looks much better. Apple Cider Vinegar has worked really well for me to lighten my s
  6. Yea, i use Baking soda and ACV ;] baking soda with cleanser to exfloiate, then after, I apply ACV for red marks, antibacterial, to balance pH, and cuz it smells really bad, so it has to be good for me ;] it was on some woman's thread, btw if anyone bookmarked it, i'd love for you to post a link, I want to review my steps, haha. works great on red marks, mine are going away pretty well.
  7. same thing bro. sucks for me though, cuz everything scars, so even that 4% build up more scars.. ;[
  8. i have a question, but first... Hey guys, so my skin has gotten a lot better. i eat well, exercise often and follow Dan's regiminish. Only problem: I'm 17. LOL so most of my acne is gone... seriously. heres my regimen AM Cetaphil bar wash. PM Cetaphil bar wash W/ Baking soda as exfoliant (i think it's working great) Dan's BP moisturizers usually do nothing for me, my skin is normaly sorta oily, but now it is good/ dry from BP and chlorein i guess. my question, i read about this before on her
  9. maybe its an allergy or something for me, when i eat sweets like brownies cookies etc i get really big whiteheads on my chin. i'm using Cetaphil gentle cleanser, Dan's BP and Nutrogena oil-free moisture + Dan's AHA on occasion
  10. well guys im really thinking of quitting. i just dont know what ciould be causing my acne. i dont eat sweats. i drink lots of water . i get lots of sunshine i dont really get the red acne bumps, i get ones that come to a head very quickly or start as a head only. i squeez em out thiking of switching to just washing my face and putting on aloe vera gel.... im going to try it for 2 weeks and see what happens.. ;[ idk though since DKR cleared up my cheeks... i just have the chin jawline nos
  11. guys i am on a swim team. Chlorinated water = screwed?
  12. oooh shampu i think is a problem because it drips down my face, back, chest etc. whats a good one that isn't as bad on my skin as my $1 bottle of White Rain lol? Whats a good liquid cleanser?