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  1. Yeah definatly, just how long is a mystery my derm said two weeks after I stopped roaccutane they would be gone well a year and a half later there still there.
  2. since youve started accutane you cant do any treatments for your red marks for at least 6 - 12 months after you finished your course of accutane. No lasers, no peels
  3. Im looking to buy one of those at home glycolic acid peels and looking for the best brand?
  4. I have moderate acne now, and had a saliva test done and a nutritionalist and he said I was extremly low in zinc! Do you think this could be causing my acne?
  5. Is it better to go get it done at a salon, or buy one and apply it yourself?
  6. So Ive had severe, dark red marks all over my face for about two years now with no signs of improvement and was looking at glycolic acid. My derm said the red marks were "vascular" whatever that means?? So would the glycolic acid still help me?