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  1. My naturopath told me simple things like chewing your food properly is important because otherwise your body has to do more work to break down the food. The more your mouth breaks down the food, the less work for your intestines. Over time, this makes a big difference. Another reason I can think of, correct me if I'm wrong, is if you eat too much, your liver has to produce more digestive enzymes and it will get tired and therefore be able to produce less DE in the future. These things lead to
  2. Okay, this was on todaytonight(the news) probably a month or so ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It's about a guy in Australia (where else?) who's found a way to use natural fruit, most commonly paw paw/papaya to cure some crazy shit. I mean gangrene, really bad leg ulcers, age spots that are as bad as acne scaring, migraines. It's all in the video anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2jW036RHFA...player_embedded (this is the part where you watch the video) Now, the O
  3. Yeah, last time took probiotics, I broke out. Can't remember why, but I searched and found enough reasons to suggest it's not a great idea. Also not good for people with Leaky Gut Syndrome.
  4. Says it's gluten free :S also no sugar, salt, wheat, soy milk, egg, shellfish, or preservatives. Anyone else have an idea?
  5. I started taking DE about a month ago, at first only with breakfast and dinner but maybe 2 weeks ago I had them with pretty much every meal (I eat at least 4 meals a day). Yesterday I got a whitehead on my face and another today which I NEVER get anymore. I'm wondering if taking more DE could cause this? Other possibilities are a delayed reaction to all the raisins I was eating(they help put on weight) I stopped them about a week ago or just the crappy sunscreen I used the last couple of days c
  6. Okay, just quickly, I've been pretty clear-ish for a while now through changing diet and such and have somewhat reversed my rosacea symptoms. I had a cyst come up a few days ago which is surprising and I'm trying to work out what caused it. The recent diet/lifestyle changes I've made are: started using emu oil(6 weeks or so ago), starting using digestive enzymes(couple of weeks) and started eating raisins(about 2-3weeks). All have done pretty much what I wanted them to do: emu oil helps inflamat
  7. It's a "soy protein isolate" and has 18 amino acids listed on the back. So do you reckon that means that its breaking me out when it isnt fully broken down into amino acids so if I take protease then it shouldnt break me out. Thats just my working theory so far.
  8. Ok, from your response I dont think I was very clear, lol. I'm not taking protein supps FOR my skin. Im taking them to put on weight its just that it also messes with my skin and I was thinking that if i took protease than it would properly break the protein supp into amino acids so my body can use it and it would negatively affect my skin. My logic is since the protease breaks proteins into amino acids and like you said the body can only digest proteins once they've been broken down into amino
  9. Hey guys, I just started using digestive enzymes and they're working pretty well but I was wondering about using a Protease specific enzyme to digest protein supplements without problems to my skin. The D.E. that i'm using at the moment have protease in them (it's kind of broad spectrum) but not heaps and I imagine they wouldn't do a great deal when taking protein. So has anyone tried this to see if it will lessen the effect protein supps have on the skin? Btw: for anyone who doesnt know, prote
  10. Ok, for a while now i've had digestion issues and i was wondering about HCL. Like what are the symptoms of needing HCL and how much should i take, how long after/ before meals. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I've also heard that if your diet is low in salt it is really hard for your stomach to produce enough HCL. Since i made improved my diet i have cut out alot of foods that are high in salt so i was thinking this is another option ie taking sea salt with food. What do you guys think?
  11. I started taking probiotics a little while ago and noticed my skin was getting worse too. I did a bit of research and found that they can be bad for people who think they might have intestinal problems (counter-intuitive huh?). There are alot of places that discourage use of probiotics especially if you have leaky-gut or ibs which is one of the things my probiotics claimed to help. My skin looks better off them than on so i would recommend stop taking them and also do a bit of research on why
  12. A couple of days ago i started taking my supplements about 15mins after meals with warm water and noticed that the discomfort i had been feeling during meals was no longer an issue. Warm water is supposed to help with digestion and cold water apparently does the opposite. I had been taking my supps with a glass of cold water during my meals for months and usually had to go to the toilet during the meal. Not been a problem the last couple of days. Has anyone else tried this? If not, definately g
  13. Ok i have rad marks on my cheeks and my neck. Like everyone elses they look worse in sunlight. I also have 3 hypertrophic scars on my left jaw one of which is pretty big and sticks out. On my neck under my right jaw there is a bit of discolouration as well. Now i had acne in these places but i also shave most of them too and was wondering if shaving may have been the main cause or if it will stop them from healing. I use an electric shaver and for some reason i think that might be worse than a
  14. I had a breakout a few days ago that hasnt healed as well as i would like it to and im just a bit worried it might scar. Its at the top of my cheekbone and i think there isnt alot of skin elasticity there. I already have a couple of hypertrophic scars on my jaw (also not alot of skin elasticity) but this breakout is in a more obvious place and i really want to avoid scarring, So what do i do? And how long will it take to see if it works or if it will scar?
  15. Im in my second year of uni and i dont really talk to alot of ppl in my course too. What you need to do is work towards fixing your acne. I know what youre thinking "well no shit". But seriously, when you are actively working towards realistic goals you feel much more in control. Hoping and waiting for acne to go away makes you feel like you're just at the mercy of chance. When i started changing my diet to fix acne i felt better about talking to other people, still not great but im getting the