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  1. I know its hard too - but when you can leave them alone. unless its painful dont touch it other than BP or Salylic spot treatment. =) good luck I really hope it works out.. I do know from my experience and everyone is different that it has taken time -- to gradually be 95% clear! patience is hard tho I know!
  2. Give it three months at minimum. I dont think my oil production really decreased until 2 months or so
  3. You said you work in a pharmacy. Any idea of the max length of time one can be on this? I want to take it til I die. I know that sounds extreme but I am never going back =) I would totally find a way to get me some Spiro under the table lol kidding. But seriously I am curious about how long my dr. will prescribe this for me now. But do I come out and say to her umm yea by the way I dont want you to ever take this miracle away from me. Cause if you do I pretty much wouldnt know how to live again
  4. I am wondering if the other treatments you are using with the spiro are producing your oil. Sometimes my skin gets oil of harsh chemicals or overdrying or over moisturizing which I recently discovered. Anyway you need to find a balance. and try to wean yourself off all of the harsh chemicals. I use BP for spot treatment rarely thats it. and then a simple cleanser. exfoliant a few times a weak really moiturise at night and then barely moisturize during the day and Valla GReAT skin! oh and 100mg o
  5. raspberry my General practioner suggested and prescribed this for me. She just happened to up on the research, more than I was too apparently! I have heard of several people having issues. Just find the research and seek out a doctor who will help you and dont give up til you do! Good luck!
  6. wicky.. So you have been on Spiro what 3 months? Have you seen any improvement? Are these white heads a new development? I would say from when I started spiro to now even my face has gone through these like phases.. mind you phasing out the acne. but when I do get pimples they are often teeny tiny white heads that form and disappear super quickly. But awhile back I had a lot of them and before that I had these like hard spots around my chin and each one has gone away or lessened to the point of
  7. Yea it looks the Wikepedia link you attached has changed I dont see cortesteriod or steroid or whatever was there, anymore. You cannot go by it Anti-em is right, And like she said either way it doesn't cause Acne. I think a LOT of us are living proof!! Best of luck on your search tho keep us updated!
  8. Hey Lauren! I wish I had responded soon I dont come on here much anymore. I started on 50mg for about a month - on starting 50 WORST INitial breakout of my life worst breakout of my life. and when I asked to be bumped to 100 I had another IB. only lasted 2 weeks. ANd now I am pretty much clear. Clear enough for me I guess. Sometime it still concerns me but I barely think about my face anymore.. I am 95% clear =) Best of luck to you!
  9. I am so so scared to ever be taken off of this!! But truth is. I dont hav ANY problems on it... so if anyone tries to take me off of it I am going to fight until I can't fight anymore!!! Do what you gotta do girl find someone else who WILL prescribe it!!
  10. Extra Virgin Coconut oil for about a week to a month could snap your skin back into shape. I use Oil of olay deep hydrating beauty fluid fairly cheap and my skin SUCKS it up!! Don't use that other stuff on spiro or if you do spot treat.. And as you get further into the spiro keep decreasing harsh acne treatments until you eventually stop. Sometimes dry or irritated skin especially when on spiro will actually cause you to break out or prolong your clear skin. GOOD LUCK!
  11. TO Anyone who visits my profile or has seen my posts, I dont think I will be on this site very often anymore. Spiro worked wonders for me and I am now pretty much clear and getting even better skin everyday!! If you want to ask me a question or want a response from me though send me a message, I will get an e-mail alert and then get back to you!! Best of Luck for clear skin everyb

  12. Hey Amber you should include a link here to your log! But so glad it is working for you! And yes water is so key! And taking it as close to the same exact time everyday that you can. Those are really the two keys. And then once you are clear, not using abrasive products but using gentle "normal" cleansers and really really keeping your skin hydrated and healthy!! I notice everytime I tried to use my old face wash with Salylic (sp?) acid in it I would break out or my skin would get wierd. I fin
  13. So I finally got out and bought the clarifying lotion (a fairly big bottle is 11.50 Trees).. It took me awhile to get to the store you have to go to macy's or nordstrom somewhere like that. Anyway that was a few days ago and I think it is helping my skin, but I use clean and clear deep cleansing cream($4.50), and Olay Active Hydrating Beauty fluid (8-9$ for a good size container). And I think this combo is working well for me. But the clarifying lotion is making my skin even softer and I think i
  14. WOW!! I feel like that will be so hard taking is 3 times a day at the same time everyday! Good luck!! I just take 100mg once at night, I read higher doses cause the drug to be more potent..ie work better. But I've read a lot about spiro..I am sure most is true and some is not. GOOD luck!
  15. Oh I am happy I could help Amber! Yes LOts of water and chapstick!! my lips are always dry now! lol!! Good luck this stuff is amazing for the skin! LadyOddDuck - I thought the same about drinking and dehydration...and i literally drink water throughout the night while I am asleep after drinking.. oh well I'm just going to have to keep drinking to a minimum which is fine since I need all my brain cells!