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  1. 4 weeks is a long time! Happy picking! xD If the spot leftover is mainly flat, you probably did get rid of it, or got rid of most of it. Just put some acne medication on, then later dab some neosporin when the prior solution dries. This will make it scab quicker, and prevent infection from bacteria. You probably won't be left with a scar, but if you are, put olive oil on it every night. If that doesn't work after several weeks, get silicone sheets or something for it. If it is a raised scar or
  2. Not very big but very hard and stubborn, when i really tighten my skin it seems there is something white under it :\ Wow, I think I have exactly the same thing (only it just popped up not after popping a pimple)! Mine, under my right eye, is not that big, but yes, hard and stubborn, and when the skin is stretched, its white (and its form is more spherical). When not stretched, mine is just basically the color of my skin although a bit gray and a tiny bit of red. It's not very noticeable to me s
  3. Hmm what exactly does the spot look like? How big is it? What color? etc.?
  4. OK, I think it might be a nodule, I have no idea. Its not really red or anything; maybe slightly red, but barely. However, it is hard, and it appeared fairly quickly. I remember a few months back right on my birthday getting a 1.8 millimeter sized hard lump right next to my nose. It wasn't red, but just white like the rest of my skin. I was so depressed, I just rubbed the d*mn thing off. Only the top skin broke away, so I was left with brownish skin that started to heal, however it didn't look
  5. I had no idea where to put this and.. yeah. Alright, I think it was a few weeks ago (sometime last month) a lump suddenly appeared under my right eye. It's not that big and probably only a centimeter in diameter (I'm not sure) so the only reason I saw it was because I just happened to feel my cheek with my finger for some reason (idk). Anyway, that's when I felt a hard lump underneath the skin. It's not like right next to my eye; probably about an inch or so down. At first I thought it was acne
  6. The pink is slowly fading, but its mostly the looks of it rather than the color that has me discontent. It's no bigger than 1/3 of an inch (circular), but it is a tiny bit raised (and I mean tiny) and the skin in the center is a tiny bit indented compared to the slight elevation of the surrounding scar skin. I think this is because the scab fell of prematurely and didn't have full time to seal up the uppermost layer of the skin. But still. Sooooo would your average scar cream work? Y'know, fill
  7. Well it is kinda like a bump as well as it is slightly raised. When it heals, will just the rednesss go away, or will it flatten completely and fill in any skin tissue?
  8. ok it it still pink after a week and 3 days. How much longer till it is gone?
  9. I hope it's not deep... :s Well, if it isn't too deep, when should I expect to see results? And if it is too deep (sad face) how do I get rid of it?
  10. OK, it's a tiny bit smaller, but not much. I just took a shower and applied BP. Anyone know of other methods I can try to get rid of it without popping?
  11. ok the size is around a pencil eraser. It's not that ugly or anything and practically invisible from average distance. I just hope it goes away, my b-day is next Friday...
  12. haha, that's great! I'm happy for ya!
  13. Ok, so I just realized I have a lump on the left side of my nose that wasn't there a few days ago. It's the same color as my skin, but the difference in depth makes it stand out more. It's kinda big, but definitely smaller than a dime. It's not like a pimple where its like a circle that juts out but rather a lump where the skin around it evens out. My mum says its acne, but I'm not sure. I put BP on it anyways. Please help!