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  1. so when i started taking accutane my dr put me on yaz...it was fantastic I decided to switch birth control about 2 months ago and now im taking ortho...ummmm needless to say im going to my dr and switching back to yaz im breaking out like crazy and i have a rash on my chin. yaz kept me clear.
  2. i just put some on a q-tip and dabbed it on my lips at night
  3. wow its june and im still clear.... well except for the monthly zit that pops up... but its not that noticable ive been beaching it lately....but now that the oil has attacked our shores... no more beach...boo! once im clear i still cant beach it! bah! oh well...theres the front yard
  4. been off my pills since tuesday waiting to see what happens... nervous.... excited... bah!
  5. well my derm told me that after three months of being off accutane.. shes going to put me on retin-a to help even out my skin...
  6. so i only have like...a weeks worth of pills.. and im done woot! im excited hopefully i wont break out realllllly bad... i live in florida so im ready for it to be out of my system and go to the beach! and im ready to get a tattoo...and my ears done...and my wisdom teeth out...6 months...gah so far away!
  7. so...its feb.. valentines day is coming... big problem with that...and that is...too many guys... which is stressing me out bc i dont know which one to hang out with lol crazy but normally...my face would break out when i get stressed like this... but i havent had one in a while... well last week but that was because of my period... accutane is working! my face is so smooth... scars are still there... but smoooooooth ive gotten so many compliments...makes me smile... cant wait til im off tho! i
  8. so my face is now....snowy lol its very dry so its flaky other than that...everything is fine! i have no actives...its great my boss told me the other day that my face is soooo much better and she bought me chocolate for Christmas and told me to watch how much i eat lol my ears are dry also....its weird :/
  9. breakfast at 7am.. eggs..bacon...grits (cheese)...biscuits.....some other thing....idk what it was....but i didnt finish it lol orange juice apple cider lunch...idk yet... supper...idk yet..lol
  10. yeah! it was like going going going alll day.. but i did get krispy kreme on the way home.. so its good lol
  11. so i ended up going to my derm...and she told me it wasnt caused by the accutane.. so she told me to go to the fam doc bc it felt like my appendix so i went to geneva...and she sent me to the hospital :/ (i hate hospitals) so they did tests and cat scans that made me feel like i peed on myself..(i didnt) and it wasnt my appendix i just had an infection so yeah...my story of the week and why i was late for my math final and waited til the last minute to finish a research paper. lol
  12. yeahhh same here and they take forever to call back. alrighty!
  13. nope...no reason.. they're supposed to call me in the morning :/
  14. thank you yeah the receptionist told me to quit taking them.. did u quit?