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  1. Yep, I have oily skin too and this was way too drying for my skin.
  2. I have a bottle of Revlon Colorstay foundation that I keep around and use mostly in the summer when I go swimming. This stuff stays PUT. Plus it has very good coverage and also helps to control oil a bit - oh and it doesnt break me out either. I recommend it!
  3. I would throw out all my foundations and concealers. Oh and my hundreds of worthless skincare products.
  4. Everyone is hiding under makeup Or atleast some of them .. At my school I noticed that most kids have such nice skin .. but trust me - I've talked to a lot of girls I know and most of them that give off the appearence of perfect skin, don't have it. A lot of girls I know splurge on really good foundations and concealers to make their not-so-perfect skin look flawless.
  5. I know that going to the gym you might want to look good - but skip the makeup. Its so important that when you are working out you let your skin breath and release toxins from your body. Trust me, it'll only make things worse.
  6. Ahh I used Revlon Colorstay and while it was fantastic it was soo dry! I used Cetaphil under it .. the one in the green squeeze tube with SPF. It is very moisturizing and emollient and made my foundation go on a lot smoother.
  7. Just check the ingredients and avoid products with high amounts of silicones as they are veryyyy pore clogging. Hair gels and other styling products with loads of silicones make me breakout on my hairline really badly. Anything ending with 'one' in the ingredients list is a silicone. Although a few silicones aren't that bad but not if there is a lot and especially if they are in the beginning of the list and one of the main ingredients.
  8. My sister uses it .. I think its just 10% BP. According to my sister it feels more mild on her skin compared to Persagel. I would assume you would see results in 3 days only because 10% BP dries up zits fast.
  9. Oh my gosh the same thing is happening to me! When I open it its like bubbly and water leaks out. Its must thicker and more liquidy. I don't get why, either. I've bought this in the past and have never had a problem.
  10. I use it as a toner. Just make sure you dilute it! On its own it can really burn your skin and make you look like a lobster! How much you dilute it depends on how sensitive your skin is. I dilute it 50/50 .. half water half ACV. Some people dilute it 1:3, or 1:2 (as in vinegar:water). I would test out different ratios and see what your skin likes best. I use it morning and night. And if you bought it at the health food store than it is all natural and raw which is what you are supposed to get.
  11. Good luck! I hope you have a great experience with the regimen.
  12. My two favorite Neutrogena products are the 60 Second Mask/Scrub and the Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask.
  13. Yeah, the same exact thing happened to me. I was so mad because my skin was looking so good and then BAM, a breakout. Just don't give up, it'll clear up - and a lot faster than you think.
  14. I've been on the regimen for .. hmm almost a month now. I've been using Neutrogena On-The-Spot but it keeps crumbling under my moisturizer so I'm ordering Dan's BP. ANYWAY, my question is - I know that the gel is cheaper than OTS and all, but is it more effective? My skin is better than it has been since being on the regimen, but I still breakout and it's driving me mad! I know I haven't been on the regimen long but i have very mild acne so I didn't expect it to take long for me to clear up at