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  1. Hey guys I just want to share with you a success story I have had with my mild acne. About a Year ago I started to break out a lot around my mouth and forehead. WIth no end in sight I turned to over the counter products -- lots of them. I used BP, SA, regular soap, witch hazel, ACV.. and nothing worked. It actually made my acne worse. I got fed up one day and decided to "quit" trying to conquer those nasty spots... And it worked. I started simply washing my face twice a day with warm wat
  2. Hey im new to the forum and have a quick question: Im looking for a pretty gentle regular soap for washing my face. Nothing with any acne products like SA, or BP.. things like that. Any Suggestions??
  3. I have had some success in the past with Neutrogena, 2% SA face wash, so I am currently using that. Would it be a good idea to wash with neutrogena face scrub every few days?
  4. Topic is pretty explanitory Witch Hazel or ACV Past experiences with both would be GREATLY appreciated! Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the input, I will be researching witch hazel asap!!
  6. Ive had this little patch of redness/bumps on my forehead for almost a month now, just wondering if you guys have any tips to get it to go away (pic attached)
  7. Would ACV Pills have the same/similar effect as drinking it? thx
  8. I had recently starting drinking LOTS of milk, 1Gallon+per week around a month ago, and in the past 2 weeks i have really cut down, do you think maybe this is a cause of it? I also am taking N.O. Xplode, a weighlifting supplement, I am going to stop taking that to see if anything changes.. thanks for your quick feedback!
  9. Just wondering what type of acne/pimples these are, and any advice you can give me. I was my face twice daily, drink lots of water, stay away from fast foods.. just confused! Thanks..
  10. So i have had minor acne for the last 5-6 years.. One problem i have had in the past is not being able to consistently stick to a regime. But, over the past 4 months i have stuck to it! Started eating healthier, washing my face morning and night, not touching my face. Started to work!! I actually had a time for a few weeks where I had ZERO major marks on my face. But, in the last month.. while still washing my face twice a day, eating healthy. The monsters have returned. I did have a sli
  11. Is this a thread about body building supps or acne? Anyways, I have just started a bulking cycle about a month ago, and I noticed more and more pimples forming. When i started the cycle, I started back up on N-O Xplode, started drinking lots of dairy. Since reading these forums and other online sources I have cut back on almost all dairy except for a few slices of cheese on a sandwich here and there. Part of me believes it is the N.O Xplode because i have always consumed lots of dairy, bu