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  1. well I need to know tips on how to stop once i start. Everyone knows not to pick.. so its not that easy to stop just because you know not to. its OCD
  2. I used to actually have some acne bumps when I was younger. Im 17 now and don't really have acne until i go on a picking spree . I was always an average picker but when i started aderral when i was 15 it all went to hell. Now i have scars on my chest back and face from picking at my pores, making them inflammed and not stopping. I feel like i am insane, normally nothing comes out of the pores i constantly squeeze, but then they become inflammed and then get oil or whatever into them. I dont pic
  3. how could you possibly have a stomach to drink urine and rub it on your face!
  4. Dont do it. I was going to get on it just to be done with every little breakout but if you ever want children even within the next 5 to 10 years, it can stay in your body and still deform your child. oh nvm your a dood