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  1. Udi's gluten free bread is awesome! Tastes like bread, not cardboard or sandpaper. Their bagels are good too.
  2. Regarding the apples: could it have been the pesticide that caused the problem? Were they organic?
  3. Soy messes with my hormones something fierce. Even raw, pasture-fed dairy messed with my hormones. I'm fine with yogurt, cheese, sour cream. I'm on my second container of Almond Breeze's new unsweetened almond coconut milk and it's delicious.
  4. So far for breakfast: Green smoothie with wild blueberries, mango, kale and a dallop of coconut oil. Cup of green tea. Few hours later snacked on some seed crackers dipped in smoked tomato basil hummus (I had to force myself to stop eating the hummus, very good!). A few swigs of goat milk kefir - tasted pretty good, never had it before.
  5. How do you know if the cow was pregnant?? The state that I live in allows raw dairy farmers to have maximum 4 milking cows, and only 2-3 can be milked at the same time. When I visit the dairy to pick up my raw milk, I interact with the farmer and she lets me know when her cows are pregnant. I knew exactly where the raw milk was coming from and personally met the dairy cows.
  6. My favorites: steam broccoli and top with butter and garlic salt. saute baby spinach in butter, shallots and garlic salt. marinate mushrooms and zucchini in italian dressing and grill. Green beans with onions, butter, little water, garlic and sea salt, cover with lid and let them steam. Bake butternut squash with coconut oil and curry type spices. Roast cauliflower, shallots with coconut oil and curry type spices.
  7. It really depends on each individual. Some are fine with organic whole milk. Some are fine with raw, grass-fed milk. For me personally, I can't drink milk at all. Even raw was not good for me. Didn't seem to cause breakouts for me, but affected my monthly cycles, especially if the cow was pregnant. I'm fine with cheese, yogurt and sour cream.
  8. I made an awesome turkey stock recently. I had 2 turkey drumsticks and 2 wings with meat/skin still on (joint bones are recommended). Covered with cold water and added a TBSP or 2 of apple cider vinegar. Let that sit for an hour. From what I have read, letting them sit in cold water with the vinegar helps to prepare the bones to bring out the gelatin. Then I added 2 carrots, 2 celery sticks, garlic, onion (leave some of the skin on for a gorgeous yellow broth), TBSP of Hawaiian red sea salt
  9. Maybe it's environmental and not internal. My skin tends to get dry this time of year due to indoor heat. If you think that could be the cause, sleeping with a dehumidifier is helpful.
  10. Is it a new bottle of makeup that you just opened up for the first time? They are reformulated often. Or maybe it went bad if it's really old?
  11. Do you know if it was naturally fermented or made with vinegar? Do you have issues with vinegar? It was probably pasteurized as well.
  12. You would need to drink about 2.5 gallons of kombucha to get the effects of 1 beer.
  13. Your increase in anti-inflammatory and decrease in inflammatory food may be helping your acne as well. :)
  14. Low sugar fruit includes berries, lemons/limes and green apples. I believe kiwi is moderately low too.