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  1. I have been taking yaz for the past year for my acne, and so i dont get pregnant. I just started taking Diatomaceous Earth and have been taking it for about a week and a half. i have read a lot of good things about it and it is suppose to help acne. since i have been taking it i have gotten a large cyst type zit on my chin and some smaller pimples on my face, more than usual. i am wondering if this could be from the DE? Has anyone here tried this stuff before? I havent seen any posts about it he
  2. Im about to get my first vbeam on friday. im nervous, especilly after seeing those photos. I have redness from a bad microdermabrasion job. it was really bad, but i had about 8 or 9 IPL treatments and it helped a lot, but i still have redness and blotchyness and i have heard that vbeam is much better than IPL for this. My dermatologist recommended going the bruising strength for more improvement. I am a little nervous about it since i had the bad experience with the microdermabrasion. since havi
  3. ok. i am starting my 8th pack of yaz. this have been good. i still breakout, but not nearly as bad and it was seeming to be getting slightly better each month. i would actually have almost clear skin sometimes. but all of a sudden a few days ago i started getting weird breakouts. i got two large cysts on my chin, which i havent had in a very long time, and i am getting some weird patches. they start out looking like small clogged pores stuck under the skin and then more bumps show up until its t
  4. Im wondering if you can take this cream with birth control? I am on yaz. the only thing that has helped my acne so far, besides the antibiotic that gave me a horrible rash all over my body. i dont like the antibiotic idea anyway. dont like being on BC either, but its the only thing that has helped me. i am getting a at home saliva hormone test. so then i will know what my problem is. i started breaking out when i was 24. im now 26. im also feeling drained from all the stress the acne has put me
  5. I tried the metrocream for my breakouts and it mademy face very oily and broke out more.i went to a different derm and he told me that that cream doesnt help redness or flushing, it just helps with the bumps associated with rosacea, which i dont have. so that first derm. was not a good one. i could tell that when i saw him tho. he barely looked at me and just talked about the weather most of my app. it sucked cause i waited 3 months to see him and drove almost 3 hours in a blizzard. very disapoi
  6. I am just starting my 5th month of yaz. I am almost clear. I did get an initial break out that was pretty bad, but i have a different kind of acne than you. I had all these little clogged pore bump things and a few pustual things. They came out into huge zits the first 1-3 months. But now it seems to be getting better. i do get a little breakout now and then and i get freaked out, but it does seem to be getting a lot better. I was getting depressed before yaz, but i dont know if it was me or the
  7. ok. I just finished my 4th pack of yaz. I just got a few new zits. They are small, but it still drives me nuts. I thought it was clearing. I did just go thru some pretty intense stress tho plus i am starting my period. So maybe that has something to do with it? I just want it clear. Im so tired of my acne problems. I need it clear already!! Its so embarrassing. One thing i am confused about. I had very very oily skin before i started yaz. It has gotten less oily on yaz, but it is still oily. Wi
  8. what kind of acne do you have? cause i have very oily skin and clogged pores and larger zits. I have read there is an ingredient in this cream that can clog pores. So that confuses me. I am very worried this cream isnt right for me since i already have oily skin and clogged pores. This cream made my skin feel very greasy and i thought it would dry it up. So i just dont know if i should continue to use it or not. It took me 4 months to get the progress i have had with the yaz and if the cream mak
  9. I was just prescribed azelex cream 20%. i have very oily sensitive skin. I have used it once so far and it didnt cause any burning or irritation yet, but i just read it has an ingredient that can clog pores. I am worried that this isnt right for my oily skin. Is it gunna break me out more? Im very worried. It would be great if it worked since all other acne topicals i have tried made me very red and irritated. My skin also seemed very oily after using it. so that also worries me. I thought it wa
  10. sarahjn


    I just tried it for the first time tonight and then i read it has an ingreedient in it that can clog pores. Why would they put an ingredient in an acne cream that will clog pores? So now im worried about continuing using it?????????? what the hell?????
  11. I know what you are going thru. I started breaking out at 24, two years ago. I also had a microdermabrasion to try to help it and it distroyed my skin!! All red and veiny and raw, and that did not go away. on top of that after the microdermabrasion every pore in my face was a zit. It was horrible. I have have IPL treatments to help the redness, but i dont think my skin will ever be the same. It was very bad. I havent gone out with friends or anything in 2 years from my depression. I am also alle
  12. He is just insecure with himself and trying to put you down to make himself feel better. good thing you arent with him anymore. I went from flawless skin to a face full of acne two years ago right after my wedding and my husband always says he doesnt see it, he just see his beautiful wife. You will find a nice guy who loves you for you. trust me. I know how acne can make you hurt. You dont need an asshole putting you down. Its his own issues, not you.
  13. I hope someone can help me out here. I have been researching azelex cream 20% and i am getting confused. People keep talking about Finacea. I know thats the gel form. it is also less expensive. I am using the cream. heres my story. I started breaking out all of a sudden about two years ago when i was 24. I am alleric to most of the antibiotics they give for acne. most creams they gave me didnt work. I have been on Yaz B.C. for 4 months now. It has helped a lot, but i am still breaking out. Its s
  14. when i was doing research on yaz i saw a lot of people said it cleared their body acne pretty quickly. Some people said their faces cleared really fast and some said it took 3-6 months or more. I dont have the body acne, but i also use to have perfect skin and about 2 years ago i started breakingout pretty badly. It looks like i am one of the people who it is taking a while. A lot of people also said they broke out worse the first few months on it and then it cleared. Right now my skin is so muc