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  1. is that the procedure to remove poc marks? i too, am interested in this. the esthetician who i'm seeing for my acne (at a plastic surgery clinic) says there's no real way to get rid of these, but suggested peels and light therapy to lessen the redness and thus lessen the notice of scars i'm not convinced it's impossible to get rid of the poc marks. i've read online people doing "needling" and the results are highly noticeable. if anyone has gotten this done, do only dermatologists perform t
  2. has anyone else tried this treatment? before: the esthetician applied some really stinky medicinal cream that's supposed to help promote rejuvenation. i forget the name. during: at the start, i noticed extreme tingling and minor burning, which was expected based on how the process was explained after: immediately after, my skin was red and had a bit more red spots than normal. accented some poc marks (probably from chicken pox i had as a kid) that i didn't even know i had! about 2 hrs later
  3. i wish that were true. for me, i've gotten worse acne as i progressed in my 20s. never noticed it until i turned 25! i've always had mild acne, since my teens.. but the second i hit 25 it exploded on my face; cystic acne everywhere on my cheeks. so far, my best defense with it is benzoyl peroxide. which i do not particularly care for. (too hefty of a chemical for my liking), i'm worried about it's long-term effects (potential pre-mature aging)
  4. any soap i've ever used, has always made my face red. regular bar soap, facial soap, acne soap, etc. right now i rotate between neutrogena deep clean and obagi clenziderm
  5. your indentations look like mine (less the redness that i have, as mine are fairly new). under most average light, they're invisible. go under the right bulb and those things are pretty much yelling at you. are you visiting a dermatologist / plastic surgeon soon? i go later this month and will be seeking some info for the indentation repair, myself.
  6. i've used vitamin e on my chicken pox scars and had significant results. it made them virtually invisible, less the poc marks. (indentations) what one person experiences is going to vary to the next; we all have different skin types. don't base upon what one person had as success - that you'll have the same results. (and vice-versa; don't totally exclude something someone marked as 'nay' just because it didn't work for THEM) experiment with different types of creams on your skin and
  7. i turned 25 last year in dec. check my topic and see if it helps you: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/pre-matur...it-t253581.html
  8. also forgot: while i was researching this website & others.... i found: "after you wash your face w/ soap in WARM water, RINSE it in cold water (but not TOO cold)" ... i've been trying this as well, which i've never done before. i used to pretty much apply moisturizer immediately after a HOT shower. now, i rinse i cold (immediately), dry for a few minutes... etc..., apply eye moisturizer, clothe, apply rest of face moisturizer...
  9. this year has been one of the MOST stressful of my life to-date. to make i short & sweet. i done a lot of dumb things to my face; coupled with how stressed i was... it's a miracle my ENTIRE face isn't riddled with poc-marks. first stop when i got tired of my acne: dermatologist ....they're booked till 2011 (in my area) called an esthetician that works for a plastic surgeons office .... to me, that's the next best thing( if not better!) than a derm. anyway, she offered me some expensi
  10. i have some denting. to me they're fairly mild as they show under yellow light (indoor/house ('earth-friendly-bulbs') ...only (neon light / 'normal light' - as in street lamp lighting) doesn't show them irregardless i'd like to get rid of them. is my only option a peel? i know there are lasers, but are mine deep enough to go that route? i see my esthetician end of nov, but i'd like to get secondary input from others with experience with this kind of scarring (if possible). the redness d
  11. this is what i'm trying to say in my first post. the only people who notice them are people with their OWN skin problems. which i personally do not have a problem with. i would however, have a problem with somebody that has perfect skin studying my skin. i have never once seen anyone doing such. have any of you? some of my acquaintances have some skin issues too and i've never noticed until i got scarring of my own. i think MOST people that don't have skin issues don't take the time to
  12. no, i've never been on any drug or medication for my skin.
  13. question for those of you who study other peoples' faces now that you have scars: what are you looking for? i used to do that when i only had the occasional zit because that alone made me self-conscious and i'd try to find flaws in others to make myself feel better. now that i've got bigger problems to deal with (scarring) i could care less about other peoples' faces, because i'm always trying to make sure my scars don't hit "that" type of light that shows them!
  14. i'm the total opposite. since i now have my own facial imperfections, i could care less about other peoples. in my head, everyone else is looking at MY imperfections. however, if they have a huge honking pimple i'm going to notice it, and feel more relaxed than uncomfortable (as i would have previously)
  15. scrubbing cystic acne + picking at it. i'm now left with wonderful craters from my summer of acne.